Cableyoyo – Cable Management System

If I ever take public transportation, I usually bring my music with me to keep myself occupied as I’m not a big fan of striking up conversations with strangers on the train or bus. But once those ear buds go into my pockets, I know I’m already dreading pulling them out of my pocket as I know they’ll be in a big tangled mess. The Cableyoyo is the perfect way to keep ear bud cables neat and tidy in your pocket without having to worry about undoing a tangles and random knots.

The Cableyoyo is a pocket-sized spool that keeps your cables neat and tidy. The device features a magnetic core in the center which holds your ear buds in place making sure they are organized and ready for use when you are.


Ear buds are just one suggestion but the Cableyoyo can be used for other cables as well. It’s ideal for chargers, USB cables, and even auxiliary cables. The Cableyoyo is perfect for a pocket or a purse. The Cableyoyo comes in a variety of colors and is available on Amazon for only $9.95.




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