ByFusion – Turning Waste Into Building Materials

The talk about environmental degradation is never ending. From industrial fumes to smoke and effluents, the rate of pollution seems to surpass that of recycling. While there is considerable progress in recycling industrial effluents, there is little progress on solid waste, particularly the plastics. The non-biodegradable components are causing havoc on the landfill owing to the massive adoption in the packaging industry. Today, more than 90% of all packaged products use plastic bags and containers that end up in the dustbins and later to the public lands as well as the oceans.

Built in 1907, plastic containers are essential in handling household products and foods. They are lighter, durable and affordable for the manufacturers. With low levels of re-use for the commodity, it is time to turn that waste into usable products and reduce the dumping menace. ByFusion is the new technology, which turns plastic waste into construction materials. The machine makes plastic bricks from plastic paper bags, milk containers, and food containers.

If you are looking forward to low-cost building materials, the bricks can save you money as well as reduce the level of waste. Byfusion crushes the shampoo bottles, milk cartons, paper bags and other containers to make cheap construction materials known as RePlast. It is an excellent way to enhance energy efficiency at home and perhaps enjoy the authentic feel. They come in varying sizes and shapes hence suitable for different kinds of structures. They are made to withstand high pressure and high resistance against weather elements.

ByFusion bricks offer better resistance against mold and water reducing the cost of maintenance. The product makes structures that look far much better than the waste lying on lands and floating on the seas and oceans. If you need to know about the product, consider checking the website and their indigogo to engage the company. From homes to livestock structures and perimeter walls, ByFusion is the ultimate solution to your construction.




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