Best Gaming Apps for Traveling

Bored on the train? Want to make the most out of layovers? Tired of those long, dreary, road trips? Then pack your smartphone or tablet on your next trip- these devices are essential components in the 21st century traveler’s arsenal.

Here are some of the best apps that can keep you entertained on those long drives and boring commutes:


If you’re looking for a quick casino fix while you’re stuck in traffic, 888Casino is the app for you. Available on both Android and the iOS, the app features mobile versions of classic casino favorites such as blackjack, roulette, and slots. If you want a more authentic feel, go for the live casino option where you can play with real dealers and players. Download the app at to get started. New players a $200 welcome bonus!


Don’t just ride trains, control them too! In Trainyard, the fate of the red and blue trains is at your hands. The premise of the game is simple: lead the trains back to their respective stations by drawing their tracks. It sounds easy enough, but be prepared to bust your brains out as you split and merge tracks, and combine trains of different colors just to get them to their proper stations. Get it on Android or iOS.

Road Trip Bingo HD

Road Trip Bingo is an updated, modern-day variation of the old “I-Spy” roadtrip game. Specifically made for the iPad and other iOS devices, the app is great entertainment for kids on long car or bus rides. Players are provided with a “bingo” card when they play. Instead of the usual numbers, the cards have road-related icons on them (e.g. road signs, colored cars, animals, and other things that you might see on the road).

Pixter Scanner

Though its not really a gaming app, Pixter Scanner is sure to entertain and EDUCATE you. Think of it as Google Translate on steroids. If you’re going to a place where the local language is unfamiliar, Pixter Scanner can help you decipher strange store and traffic signs on-the-go. Though there are other language translators out there, Pixter Scanner is the fastest and most convenient out of the lot. Get it on your iPhone here.

Draw and Tell HD

Draw and Tell HD is another child-friendly app offering from the award-winning developer Duck Duck Moose. Draw and Tell HD is a full-featured coloring book app, with a wide range of colors and coloring mediums that other coloring apps can’t match. Kids (and kids-at-heart) can use virtual crayons, colored pencils, and paints in 27 colors to color scenes, patterns, and stickers. Masterpieces can then be sent as unique e-greeting cards (you can also attach voice recordings to them too!)

Zookeeper DX Touch

A word of warning: Zookeeper is terribly addictive. As a “zookeeper,” you need to get the animals back to their cages before they escape. Just group three animals of the same species to clear the board. But don’t be too slow- you’re racing against time and more animals keep on escaping from the zoo!

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