Being Engaged at Work? Why Companies Care, and Why You Should Too

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more companies jumped on the employee engagement wagon. With a physical distance between employees and employers, it is harder to understand how they feel and know if they are satisfied. Why does it matter for companies? Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and have a better relationship with the company. This also means a higher employee retention and a higher referral rate of promising prospects. The pandemic made it harder to capture the engagement and follow-up on the outcomes of these initiatives.

Benchmarking the insights using a dedicated index

With more companies being interested in engagement, Effectory has developed an index. The employee engagement index shows larger and smaller companies and their scores. This allows you to compare with your industry and similar companies in that industry. You can also learn from their programs and how they are trying to improve the engagement of their employees.

It makes sense to look past the employee engagement index and try to understand the mission, vision, and values and see what these express. How do you feel when reading these statements? Do you understand why it engages employees? This helps you to formulate your strategy and create better engagement. Nothing beats learning from the best players in your industry.

Leveraging tooling to create understanding

Many players in the market create dedicated tooling to measure employee engagement. For example, there are several surveys you can leverage to start measuring. This helps to get your initiative kickstarted as it is founded on research and includes all aspects of engagement. Once you have the survey results, you can use the dedicated dashboards and analytical capabilities of these parties. This helps you distill insights and immediately create follow-up steps to improve employee engagement. As these organizations have helped many companies, they can take those learnings and tailor those to your industry and company. This results in a tailored approach that can be followed up.

Keeping track of progress

When you start with your improvement program, you need to be able to track progress. The next steps, therefore, need to be measured to see their effectiveness. This allows you to steer the program accordingly, and mitigate next steps that do not prove effective. Having this at your disposal makes your engagement initiative easier to implement and more effective than creating your own from scratch.

If you want to learn more about engagement among your employees, tooling, and research that is conducted in the field, you can visit Effectory. This is a company dedicated to employee engagement and has a broad range of services available that helps companies understand and improve the productivity of employees. You can visit their website via the following URL:




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