Auto Futures’ First Electric Autonomous Bus

Another remarkable and revolutionary milestone set in the world of Tech Innovation for public Land Transportation. The first full size autonomous electric bus is developed by Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) along with Volvo buses under its partnership with Land Transport Authority (LTA) which is managedby a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence system.

Key features of the Electric Autonomous Bus:

  • 12 meters long 36-seater bus with full capacity for 80 passengers.
  • Ensures maximum safety and security by efficiently built complex AI systems.
  • Quiet operation with zero emissions contributing to a clean, safe and smarter cities environment.
  • Requires 80% less energy than an equivalent sized diesel bus.
  • Advanced sensors and AI technology protected with cyber security measures.
  • Safety assured by Volvo Autonomous Research Platform Software connected to key controls like navigation systems and multiple sensors.
  • Efficient support by LIDARS and stereo-vision cameras to capture 3D-images and an advanced global navigation satellite system that uses real-time kinematics.
  • Alike GPS but uses multiple data sources for pin-point accuracy of up to one centimetre!
  • Improved navigation over uneven terrain and around sharp bends and curves by connection to the inertial management unit to measure the lateral and angular rate of the bus.
  • Offering a charge power of 300 KW via a Pantograph mounted on the infrastructure, the fast charger will recharge a battery in just three to six minutes which will ensure charging during the layover times at the end of the bus route, without impacting normal operations. It has a fast-charging infrastructure based on the OppCharge concept by a pioneer in the digital industry ABB’s HVC 300P fast charge system.

This Autonomous bus marks the onset of a revolutionary positive step towards the electrification of public transport across the region and beyond. After the rigorous and successful tests at CETRAN, which is a centre dedicated to research and testing of autonomous vehicles, the authorities aim to focus and achieve the full autonomy of this bus in collaboration with different global Innovation and Technology partners around the world. The goals are clear and this new innovation is ready to set fire on the roads.




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