AMD launches Tigris; more HD5870 details

PrintAMD has launched its next generation mobile computing platform, previously code-named Tigris.  They’re claiming higher performance as well as longer battery life with the new kit, of course.  AMD’s apparently no longer going to be using specific processor badges on Tigris-powered laptops, either.  The Vision branding will initially include three tiers: regular, premium, & ultimate; differentiated by performance.

ATi RadeonMoving on to the high-end graphics realm, AMD’s top-of-the-line DX11 card, the HD5870 has been caught on camera, & sports DVI, DisplayPort & HDMI connectors.  That is one loooooong card right there.  According to Fuad, there will be 1GB & 2GB flavors of this beast that will retail for $399 & $449, respectively.  He also sheds some light on what he’s calling the official specs of the card, which includes a 27W power idle consumption & 1.3GHz GDDR5.




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