Amazon to Use Traditional Delivery Trucks Over Drones

The future of delivery belongs to the drones – or maybe not.

While the race is on to create a fully automated drone-centralized delivery system, Amazon may be taking a few steps back. Online shopping has become a staple in today’s modern world. No longer do we have to go personally to shopping malls to get items we need. All it requires nowadays is a device with internet connection, and you are all set. You press a few buttons, and before you know it, the package is already at your doorstep.

Amazon Takes a Few Steps Back

The next step in the online shopping world is a delivery system that is faster and more efficient than traditional means. Traditional delivery, where drivers use cars to travel from point A to B with your items. This can take weeks, even months, depending on the distance. International purchases can be notorious in the time it takes to arrive. It can also be a risk – with your package receiving bumps and breakage along the way.

Of course, a drone delivering your item checks a lot of the positives with barely any negatives. Your drone delivery will arrive faster, receive less bumps on route, and you do not have to wait in line. A drone’s package stores only your items, meaning it gets first priority every single time.

Amazon however stated recently their desire to rely more on traditional methods of delivery – especially this busy holiday season. The reason for the backpedaling is simple; the holidays have more orders on them. Orders, mind you, which require deliveries before a specific date. There simply are not that many drones in production, hence having to rely on trucks and delivery couriers to do the job.

The massive online shopping company has countless branches all over the world. But with drone technology (and drone delivery) still in its fairly early stages, the market giant cannot rely on it completely.




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