Amazon Kindle Voyage

Being a leader in the e-reader books market, Amazon has taken their Kindle e-book series up another notch with introduction of the 7th generation Kindle; the Kindle Voyage.

The Kindle Voyage has the thinnest design, highest resolution and highest contrast display one can imagine. The beauty of it is that it is readable in the brightest sunlight without any eyestrain.

With a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch, the Kindle Voyage is equipped with a Paperwhite display with the highest resolution, highest contrast, and highest brightness of any Kindle. It has a magnesium body, and its flush display is 39% brighter than Amazon’s $100 Kindle Paperwhite, making it easier on the eyes, especially in direct sunlight. The screen’s texture even looks slightly speckled, reminiscent of high-quality paper fiber.

It includes unlimited 3G cellular connectivity and runs the same software as Kindle Paperwhite readers. Measuring just 7.6 mm thin and lightweight at less than 6.4 ounces; Kindle Voyage promises to be available at an affordable price of $199. It is going to be the best single-purpose e-reader possible. [Buy It]




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