Alexandra Botez: Early Life and Achievements of the Canadian Queen of Chess

In the fascinating world of chess, Alexandra Botez has emerged as a captivating and influential figure. This Canadian Chess Champion has not only conquered the game on national levels but also become an advocate for gender equality and diversity in this classic mind sport.

With her engaging online presence and intellectual prowess, she’s quickly accumulating fans from around the globe who can’t seem to get enough of her strategic brilliance.

Join us as we unravel the rise to fame of Alexandra Botez – Woman FIDE Master, Twitch streamer extraordinaire, and trailblazer for women in chess.

Key Takeaways

Alexandra Botez is a renowned Canadian Chess Champion, five-time Canadian National Girls Champion, and Woman FIDE Master who has won multiple championships at home and abroad.

She is an advocate for gender equality and diversity in competitive chess tournaments, winning acclaim not only for her strategic brilliance on the board but also for her engaging online presence through Twitch live streaming while collaborating with other famous players like Hikaru Nakamura.

In addition to her significant contributions to chess commentary and analysis and running the popular BotezLive channel, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in online chess content creation. Her unique style and charismatic personality have helped attract new fans to the game while inspiring others, regardless of gender or background, to pursue their passion for Chess enthusiastically.

Despite facing sexism both on and off the board throughout her career journey, Alexandra remains determinedly committed to promoting greater inclusivity within what can still be considered a male-dominated area.

Early Life And Background Of Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez young

Born in Dallas, Texas, to Romanian immigrant parents, Alexandra Botez spent the majority of her childhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up in a household that valued intellect and strategy paved the way for young Botez’s interest in chess.

Throughout her younger years, Alexandra participated in several local and national tournaments, developing a formidable playing style early on. By age eight, she won her first Canadian children’s national championship (2004).

This impressive win would be followed by four more Canadian youth national titles over the next few years.

Alexandra Botez and family
Alexandra Botez with her family, including her sister Andrea Botez.

While chess initially defined much of Alexandra Botez’s life path—ultimately leading to achievements like becoming a five-time Canadian National Girls Champion—it also played an essential role in shaping her perspective on gender diversity within competitive spheres.

Throughout this time period, she faced sexism and misogyny within tournament circles but continued advocating for increased representation amongst women players.

Chess Career And Achievements

Alexandra Botez playing chess

Alexandra Botez is a Canadian Chess Champion and Woman FIDE Master who has won numerous titles, including five Canadian National Girls Championships and the U.S. Girls Nationals at age 15.

Canadian Chess Champion

Alexandra Botez quickly rose through the ranks of Canadian chess, becoming a five-time Canadian National Girls Champion. Her father introduced her to the game at just six years old, and she went on to join the Romanian Community Centre chess club, honing her skills over time.

One prime example of Botez’s dominance in Canadian youth chess was when she represented Canada as part of their National Team in 2010. Over the years, Alexandra has refined her playing style while increasing her FIDE Elo rating, which reached its peak at 2092 in March 2016.

Notable Games And Playing Style

Alexandra Botez concentrating on chess
Alexandra Botez playing chess. Photo via Wikipedia.

Alexandra Botez has been recognized for her aggressive and tactical playing style, which has contributed to her success as one of the top 10 female chess players in Canada.

One of Botez’s most notable games occurred during the 2012 Women’s World Chess Championship when she achieved an astonishing victory against WGM Sabina Foisor.

In this game, Alexandra demonstrated an excellent understanding of pawn structures and positional play by sacrificing a pawn in order to seize control of crucial squares on the queenside.

As a result of her brilliant strategy and tenacious approach throughout the game, Alexandra managed to outmaneuver her experienced opponent and ultimately secure a well-deserved win.

The Rise Of BotezLive Streaming Channel

Alexandra Botez’s rise to fame can be attributed largely to her Twitch channel, BotezLive. She started streaming chess content on the platform in 2016, and today, it has over 1.2 million followers.

In addition to traditional chess matches and analysis, Botez also incorporates fun segments like Botez Gambit,” where she offers an extra piece for her opponent in exchange for a more exciting game.

Through BotezLive, Alexandra Botez has been able to make chess more accessible and appealing to younger audiences who may not have previously been interested in the game.

BotezLive has now become one of the most popular channels on Twitch for both casual players and serious competitors alike.

Collaborations And Chess

Alexandra Botez has been an instrumental figure in the growth of online chess communities, including collaborating with major platforms like She is a regular content creator for the website, providing commentary on high-profile events such as Titled Tuesdays and Femme Batale.

One of her most significant collaborations was with fellow Twitch streamer Hikaru Nakamura during’s PogChamps event. Together they provided entertaining and educational commentary on the tournament featuring popular internet personalities playing against each other.

Botez’s impact extends beyond just collaboration; she has become one of the most recognizable faces in online chess content creation. Her unique style and charismatic personality have helped attract new fans to the game while inspiring others to pursue their passion for chess regardless of gender or background.

Views On Sexism In Chess

Sexism and misogyny are still prevalent in the competitive chess scene, despite female players like Alexandra Botez breaking barriers and achieving greatness. Alexandra herself has experienced sexism both on and off the board, but she continues to advocate for greater gender diversity in the sport.

In response to The Queen’s Gambit series, which depicts a young woman struggling against sexism in the 1960s chess world, Alexandra has stated that it understates how brutal this era was for women competing.

She points out that if it had been historically accurate, women wouldn’t have been able to compete in any world championship events due to institutionalized discrimination.

It is important for all men who love chess, as well as fans of Alex Botez also need to understand these issues relating to sexism in Chess because we must all stand up against these injustices together when we see them happening around us rather than turning a blind eye or pretending it does not exist.

Awards And Nominations

Alexandra Botez has received several awards and nominations throughout her chess career. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Best Chess Streamer at The Streamer Awards in 2022 (winner)
  • Best Chess Streamer at The Streamer Awards in 2023 (nominee)
  • Canadian National Girls Champion (multiple times)
  • U.S. Girls Nationals (second place in 2010 and 2011)
  • FIDE Elo rating of 2166
  • PRO Chess League Finals MVP in 2020
  • Stanford College Chess Club president

That’s quite an impressive list!

Most Played Openings

Alexandra Botez is a Canadian chess champion and woman FIDE master who has taken the world by storm with her impressive playing style and online presence. Starting with winning Canadian national championships at the young age of eight, Botez quickly rose to fame as a top chess player, achieving her highest FIDE Elo rating of 2092 in March 2016. But it’s not just her skills on the board that have made her popular; Botez is also a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator, using her platform to advocate for greater diversity in the sport. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Botez’s most-played openings and how she’s changing the game both on and off the board. Keep reading to learn more!

Alexandra Botez’s Best Game

One of Alexandra Botez’s best games was at the 2018 PRO Chess League Finals, where she played against grandmaster Vishnu Prasanna.

The opening started with a King’s Indian Defense, which is known for its tactical complexity. With her quick maneuvers, Botez gained an advantage by pushing Prasanna’s queen to the edge of the board.

Prasanna tried to counterattack but made some critical mistakes that allowed Botez to deliver a devastating checkmate.

This game showcased not only Botez’s technical skills but also her ability to take risks and capitalize on her opponent’s errors.

Impact On The Chess Community

Alexandra Botez smiling

Alexandra Botez’s impact on the chess community cannot be overstated.

Botez’s success as a female chess player, commentator, and entertainer is an inspiration for young girls and women seeking to make their mark in what has traditionally been a male-dominated field.

Furthermore, Botez’s election to the Board of Directors of the Susan Polgar Foundation highlights her dedication to promoting chess among young people of all ages, particularly girls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alexandra Botez

Who is Alexandra Botez, and how did she become a Canadian Chess Champion?

Alexandra Botez is a Canadian Chess player who gained popularity on social media for her chess commentary and tutorials before becoming the reigning female national champion in Canada in 2020. She has achieved numerous accolades throughout her career thanks to consistent training regiments coupled with strategic gameplay.

What sets Alexandra apart from other Canadian Chess players?

Alexandra’s fast-paced style of play, paired with her academic background, makes her stand out among others within the professional community, as she’s able to provide insightful analysis while focusing solely on bettering herself every step of the way.

How can I become a successful chess player like Alexandra?

To succeed in chess like Alexandra, it’s important to develop skills related to both strategy development and problem-solving. Consistent practice combined with smart study habits that focus on analyzing previous matches or studying best practices helps create strong competitors over time.

What advice does Alexandra offer aspiring young talents looking to make their mark in competitive chess tournaments?

According to interviews, Botez offers tips such as staying focused during games despite outside distractions or personal challenges and developing experience by attending local events where you have opportunities for networking & mentorship experiences. Additionally – keeping track of progress over time using specialized tools (such as online score trackers) will help build confidence while simultaneously reinforcing positive playing habits, so you continue improving outcomes even larger platforms come into view.


In conclusion, Alexandra Botez’s rise to fame as a Canadian chess champion and online content creator has been nothing short of remarkable.

Her early successes in chess competitions quickly propelled her toward the top of the rankings, and she has continued to excel both on and off the board ever since.

Through her BotezLive channel, collaborations with other famous players, and constant advocacy for diversity in chess, Botez has become an icon for the sport around the world.




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