Alarmio Personal Cable Lock

Worried About your valuables being snatched or stolen? Are you afraid that your laptop, video camera, or briefcase may be picked up while you doze off at airport or bus-station? You don’t have to worry no more! There is a new product in the market that will safeguard your valuables while you momentarily doze off or walk away to buy a drink or make a phone call. Alarmio is a versatile, motion sensitive, personal cable lock with a 2-foot long adjustable steel cable that can be attached to your bike, laptop or any other valuable item. It can be used as a security device while you are traveling or camping. In short the uses of Alarmio are only limited by your imagination.

It has two levels of motion alarms. It gives a warning chirp when it detects the first sign of movement. If the movement continues or someone tries to cut the cable, a 100-decible loud alarm sounds that continues for 45 seconds; enough to scare off the would-be thief or attract the attention of fellow passengers or passers-by.

For a price of just $32, it undoubtedly is an invaluable investment.




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