MySoundStudio by Stomp Inc.

I’m spoiled, I’ll admit it.  I’ve been using Cool Edit Pro for so long, that when Steve at Stomp Inc. sent over a copy of MySoundStudio, I was going to let Headgeek do the review, from a less professional standpoint, like it should be, because it’s not a professional-grade program.  But in the end it was handed off to me, so I had to run with it and see what I could see.  After playing around with it, some aspects I liked, others, I did not like.  I was about to write the review when I thought “Ya know, I need to get another opinion on this.  Who do I know that is a sufficient audiophile? JAY!”.  My friend and fellow co-worker Jay Zacharias, Director of Engineering for the company I work for, was kind enough to take some time and lend a hand in this review.  You can read both of our reviews here.




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