8 Must Have Creative Toys For Kids This Summer

When it comes to summer, one thing is for certain—kids are going to play and have fun. But, how do you help develop their minds in the process? Below are 8 must have creative toys for kids this summer, that will give them endless hours of joy while fostering their creativity and imaginations.

1) Kinetic Sand

If you can’t get to the beach this summer, then the next best thing is Kinetic Sand. This wonderful concoction of regular sand and polymer allows it to be molded and shaped, sticking to itself rather than the kids, you, the dog, and your iPad.

It can be bought in all kinds of quantities and colors, with glitter and sparkles, and you can even dye it yourself if you wish.

For younger children it is perfect for refining their motor skills and for older children, it’s perfect for exploring their artistic creativity.

2) Smartmax Kit

The Smartmax kits come in several different sizes, but each is made up of chunky magnetic bars that join together via magnetic balls. Get it wrong and they will repel, but get it right and they will join in whatever creation you can imagine. Whether indoors or outdoors it will certainly get your child’s synapses flowing, as they experiment and build. It is also a great general introduction to magnetism.

3) Magformers 26 Piece Rainbow Set

Another construction based toy—Magformers is a colorful collection of magnetic shapes that can be attracted together to build all kinds of patterns and even a full-blown 3D sphere. Depending on which set you purchase, some come with LED lights, wheels, and other features.

Aimed a three-year-olds and up, it’s the perfect summer toy to help develop hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

4) Grocery Store

The toy grocery store is a classic and is great placed outdoors in the Florida sun where children can expand their imaginations. They usually consist of a play register and some shelves of toy goods, allowing kids to play both the cashier and the customer.

It’s good for learning numbers and social skills and will give them hours of imaginative play.

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5) OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks

There’s nothing as simple yet creative as painting. It’s also a lot easier for parents to supervise in the summer outside when the mess isn’t as important.

While traditional potato stamps and other arts and crafts are always fun, OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks combine the simplicity of a crayon, with the creativeness of paint. No brush or water is needed, yet you can still mix colors together on your palette and paint like budding Picasso.

Chunkies come in sets of 12 and a perfectly shaped for little people’s hands.

6) Antsy Pants Large Build & Play Playhouse Kit

All kids love a playhouse, but Antsy Pants take it to the next level with their creative playhouse kits that require the kids to set everything up. What’s great is there isn’t a single outcome—you can make anything from a traditional tent to a pirate ship you can sit in.

The kit is made of soft fabric and plastic poles that are easily snapped together.

7) Bilibo

The charm of Bilibo is nobody knows what it is and if that doesn’t spark your child’s imagination, nothing will. Is it just a seat? A sled? Something to spin and balance on? Or, the shell of a sea monster?

Whatever it is, it’s weatherproof and perfect for outdoor summer fun.

8) Giant Games

There are many classic games that never get old, but they can become even more fun in the summer with their ‘giant’ versions—whether it’s Jenga/Tumbling Blocks, Connect 4, Skittles, or even board games like Snakes and Ladders or Dominoes.

Giant games are typically made of soft materials and are perfect for playing in the garden.

These are just some of the great toys you can pick up this summer to keep your kids’ creative minds ticking. Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!




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