5 Car Gadget Gifts for Car Geeks

Have you begun your holiday shopping yet? With the year coming to an end, most people are dropping subtle hints about what they would like to receive in the upcoming months. 

But what about that lovable car geek in your family? What do you get that person? If you want to purchase a gadget that will make their holiday a little more enjoyable than last year, here are some great gifts to consider.

1. Digital Tire Inflator

If there’s one thing car geeks love more than anything, it’s tinkering with their automobile. With the colder months upon us, most car owners are beginning to notice the “low tire pressure” on the dash.

When we see this indicator, our first idea is to run down to the gas station and fill up our tires. Be honest with yourself for a moment: How many times have you lost your tire-pressure gauge? If you’re like most people, you have to run around filling up each tire, hoping the light turns itself off.

This holiday season, give the car geek in your family a digital tire inflator. This device allows them to view the PSI in their tire in real-time. Moreover, it eliminates the need to run around to each tire like a chicken with its head cut off!

2. AGM Optimized Fast Charger

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a bad spot with a dead battery? If so, you know how frustrating this situation can be. With the AGM Optimized Fast Charger, you can eliminate the underlying stress of being stuck without a functioning vehicle!

When you plan your shopping in the upcoming months, keep your car-geek family member in mind with this automotive battery charger. If they’re always under their car’s hood changing parts, they’ll inevitably run into battery trouble. With that in mind, the AGM Optimized Fast Charger will be their best friend in times of need.

3. ThisWorx Car Vacuum

If there’s anything that car enthusiasts hate, it’s a dirty car that’s unkempt and filled with crumbs. A brilliant gift idea for your car geek is to get them a beautifully-crafted vacuum that will last for years to come.

No matter what spills–particles or spare change–make their way into the crevices of the car seats, the TWC-01 vacuum has them covered! This device weighs slightly over 2 pounds and can be stored in the trunk or back seat comfortably.

Each device comes with three nozzle attachments that can fit any nook or cranny inside of their car. More importantly, the HEPA filter can easily be extracted and cleaned after the device becomes filled with particles, dirt, and grime. 

4. CHOETECH Wireless Phone Charger

If there’s one universally annoying thing that we all despise, it’s when our phone dies while we’re on the road. It’s not just an inconvenience, either. Finding yourself on a busy roadway without a phone to reach for help or directions can be very dangerous.

Knowing this, the CHOETECH Wireless Phone Charger is here to help. This device mounts securely on your car geek’s automobile dash. From here, the user can place their phone into the holder and charge their phone as they drive. 

More importantly, the mount has an adjustable arm that can help the driver position the phone facing them for easy viewing. Reading GPS and navigating through unknown territory will be a piece of cake with this reliable phone charger. 

5. HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display

Remember when we were kids, and we saw images of futuristic cars that had a digital readout of their speed on their window? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time is here!

This holiday season, give the gift of futuristic design by getting your car geek the HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display system. This device casts real-time speeds and GPS information into the lower portion of the driver’s side windshield. 

The system can also deal with other pertinent tasks such as answering calls, reading texts, and controlling the entertainment media for guest passengers. Not only is the HUDWAY device useful and intricate, but the display is also beautifully designed and elegant.
As you can see, the world of automotive-related gadgets is overflowing with thoughtful and useful ideas. This holiday season, get your car geek a gift they won’t soon forget!




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