3 Male Fashion Trends I Wish Would Die

Mens fashion trends come and go over time. When it comes down to the process of staying in fashion it’s not as easy to know which trends are going to fade quickly. In this article we are going to outline three of the top fashion trends that industry insiders are really starting to hate. Here are the top three male fashion trends that are soon to die off:

Cowboy Denim

The look of denim was a big draw in the year 2018. Embellished denim looks with pocket embroideries, logo beads and more have long been some of the most popular fashion trends for a rustic look. The big problem is that these looks are just a little bit too casual for a number of different situations. Choosing to embellished cowboy denim is a trend that will soon be fading away.

Spikey leather

A spiked leather belt has long been a fashion accessory that we’ve seen since the early 2000s. Spike studs have found their way into a number of different leather goods and accessories since this time. It is starting to become very important however to choose a fashion styling that’s a little more understated. Fabric belt and leather belts are quickly becoming popular without there spiky details.

The Baggy T-shirt

Baggy deep V T-shirts and oversized T-shirts were a big fashion trend in 2018. Formfitting clothing is in for this year and investing in some T-shirts that say little more snugly could be one of the better options that you can take in getting diverse casual wear. Choosing T-shirts that are better suited for your look can really help you with the best features for your closet.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are looking towards male fashion trends that could be fading away quite quickly. Remember to avoid these fashion items if you would rather have more versatile fashion options.




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