3 Amazing Facts About the New Comic Geiger

Do you enjoy reading comics? Are you enthralled by the vivid drawings and action-packed storylines? If you’re saying, “yeah, that’s me,” your next stop should be to get a copy of the new series, Geiger. Here are 3 tidbits you need to know about this new publication.

1. It Takes Place in the Future

Imagining the future and all the perilous adventures that can happen is a fascinating way to attract readers, and Geoff Johns does just that with his new comic series. This storyline takes place after 2030, when the world has exploded with nuclear weapons. Most humans have taken to living in underground shelters, but those who were left on the surface must deal with the mysterious effects of radiation. Each person above ground grapples with how to survive in a desolate world. Searching for food and shelter and protecting oneself from radioactive beasts is not an easy feat.

2. Family Is the Underlying Theme

The series’ main character, Geiger, is one of those unfortunate humans left on the surface. In a race against time, he was able to safely stash his family in a protective shelter but couldn’t get inside before locking them in. He must now come to terms with protecting his family from the outside without knowing how they are on the inside. This instinctive desire to shield them contributes to his supernatural radioactive powers. Fortunately, the passing of time holds the key to them being reunited. 

3. Ethnical Diversity Is Brought To Light

The desire to bring ethnic diversity to the comic book world and reach a new audience is successfully achieved with Geiger. With the positive feedback of having an Arab-American character in other series, creators made their protagonist with a similar background. Given that the creator also comes from a similar ancestry, the struggles that someone faces with stereotypes are brought to life and dealt with creatively. This demonstration of how to manage these types of circumstances allows followers to feel connected to the character and realize that they aren’t the only ones experiencing this situation. It also allows others who may not be from that background to realize firsthand how hate can destroy a person’s life and to think twice before spreading similar sentiments. 

The adventures of Geiger are just beginning in this Image Comic series. You won’t be disappointed to get your hands on the first copies of these fascinating issues.




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