10 Tips for Increasing Engagement on Youtube

Many people are interested in sharing their lives, hobbies, and business ventures on YouTube. However, not many people know the right strategies to keep viewers glued to their YouTube channels. For this reason, many YouTubers quickly get bored with posting regular videos on YouTube because no one seems to be watching.

Many influencers have tried several marketing strategies, including paid advertising, and are not finding much success. These tips would help influencers increase engagement on YouTube and ultimately help influencers learn how to get sponsors on YouTube and make good income on the platform.

1. Use Concise, Informative Phrases for Video titles

The title is always the first thing viewers see in your videos. You want to make it interesting by using short and straightforward sentences. Short, catchy titles are a hallmark of YouTube’s success. If the title has more than 60 characters, some of them may be cut off when displayed.

Put your keywords at the beginning of the title to make sure they don’t get lost. Most people will only read the first sentence in your video title. The most effective headlines do one of two things: either provide a tangible benefit or evoke a strong emotional response. Clickbait may be tempting but it could hurt your channel’s credibility in the long run.

2. Use Keywords

When used appropriately, keywords are a powerful tool for reaching your intended audience. Google often provides video results at the top of search results pages. Confused about what keywords to attach to your video? You can easily find the keywords you need to attract your target audience by using analytics tools like a Youtube scraper to collect data from your competitors.

Where do you insert these keywords?

Put them to good use in the title, the description, and the content of your videos. Tag your videos so YouTube knows what they’re about; this will increase the likelihood that they will appear in relevant search results.

3. Create Original Thumbnail Pictures

Like titles, thumbnails play a crucial role on YouTube. Our brains are wired to prioritize visual information.

YouTube automatically creates thumbnails for all videos, but they are often low quality and hard to make. To get more people to watch your videos, each one should have its own unique, eye-catching thumbnail.

4. Create Conversational Content

Knowing your target audience and their pain points is essential for striking a conversational tone. Talk to them like you’re conversing with a friend and as though you were with them physically. Remember to always treat them with the respect they deserve for taking out the time to watch your content. Here are some suggestions to improve your content

  • Make your arguments easy to follow and understand.
  • Highlight key procedures or suggestions.
  • Make people laugh when it’s appropriate (a little less lecturing and a lot more joking can go a long way).

5. Make High-Quality Videos

Even the best content could be ruined by substandard video quality. Before hitting “publish,” double-check that your article looks polished. Deliver high-quality videos by using a high-quality camera, checking the audio, and learning the fundamentals of video editing. This means you may have to take a free online class, but that’s a small price to pay for success.

6. Interact With your Audience

Many of the rules for increasing engagement on Instagram also apply to YouTube. For instance, audience interaction. Creating content is only the beginning of genuine participation. The most popular YouTubers know their viewers inside and out and always stay in touch with them.

You should reply to all comments, even the negative ones, and “heart” the ones you like the most. Post videos answering important questions your viewers are most curious about. You can also use analytics to find your most devoted customers and shout them out or send gifts.

7. Host Question and Answers Sessions

Asking your audience questions is a way to build a loyal following on YouTube. Start a Q&A with your audience by soliciting feedback in the comments, via email, or on other social media sites. In that case, make a video directly addressing these questions. Making your viewers feel special by always responding promptly to their questions will increase their loyalty and the number of times they watch. Plus, Q&As could be helpful if you’re stuck on video ideas. It’s a great way to get closer to your subscribers.

8. Organize Your Videos into a Playlist

Playlists are a great resource for viewers, especially if you produce content in episodes or videos that relate to one another. Having a well-organized channel makes it simple for viewers to move on to the next video, which increases the likelihood that they will subscribe to your channel.

When making a playlist, it’s important to categorize the videos into relevant categories. If they aren’t, viewers may become confused about the playlist’s intended purpose.

9. Work Together with Other Influencers

Collaborations with prominent people in your niche can help you reach a wider audience. Influencers with a large and dedicated following on YouTube can help you grow.

Many successful YouTubers have teamed up on a single project or with one another out of sheer fan interest. Subscribers tend to get excited when two or more of their favorites come together. It’s also an effective strategy for luring viewers to become subscribers. It may not be easy to get the attention of the most popular YouTubers; this means you must spend some time honing your craft to stand out and create an appealing channel that others want to work with.

10. Hop on Trends

Participating in a trend is beneficial for two reasons: first, people actively look for videos of this nature. Secondly, trends are easy video ideas for when you do not have new inspiration.

You can make videos discussing your thoughts on recently popular movies, news stories, or events in your niche. Check out the Explore section of YouTube for trending topics and videos. Keeping up with trends is one of the most efficient ways to boost viewership on your channel.


Due to the vast amount of user-generated video content it hosts, YouTube is one of the most popular websites worldwide. Boosting engagement on YouTube requires patience, time, and consistency, but you can succeed with these ten proven strategies discussed above.




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