Post image for Air Power Racer Vehicle – For The Eco-Conscious Kids

Which child growing up didn’t love toys? Whether it was something as simple as a ball or something awesome like a remote controlled car or video game system. We loved and wanted it all! And these days, everything is about being environmentally friendly so why not teach our little ones the importance of this by getting them something like the Air Power Racer Vehicle? Read More →

Land Rover Defender Pedal Car

Post image for Land Rover Defender Pedal Car

Although I’ve never owned an SUV, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G Class, or the Land Rover Defender. But at the same time, it would be a real shame owning such a capable vehicle and never being able to actually use it for its intended purpose, going off road. If I can’t own it, perhaps my future child might get a kick out of the Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept. Read More →

Post image for PowerUp 3.0: Phone Controlled Paper Plane

For all those paper plane enthusiasts, now you can put some spice into flying by attaching a small electric motor to your paper plane and controlling it by your smart phone. The package contains several templates for you to practice building your own paper planes. Mind you that it’s not success at first attempt. You may have to build several different planes until you become an expert flyer. Read More →

Never-Ending Slinky Machine

Post image for Never-Ending Slinky Machine

Ever since I laid my hands on my first Slinky from Edmonds Scientific, I never had enough of it but the problem is that there are not long enough stairs that will keep it going on and on. Now this concept of a “Perpetual Slinky” sounds like an answer to my prayers and of thousands of other Slinky enthusiasts.

The Never Ending Slinky Machine (NESM) consists of a simple conveyor belt mechanism tilted at an angle that keeps the slinky going on and on. The speed of the machine can be varied and is powered by USB. A pledge of $59 will ensure Read More →

Aquapod Bottle Launcher

Post image for Aquapod Bottle Launcher

Summer is all about family fun activities, especially the fun with water. This summer have fun with your kids with Aquapod launcher.

The launcher was built with fun and safety in mind. This exciting hobby toy requires no assembly and can launch a regular 2-liter soda bottle up to 100 feet in the air. The built in safety valve releases pressure at 60psi and keeps everyone safe from over-pressurizing the system. Read More →

Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car

Porsche go-kart pedal car

It’s not just a toy pedal car, it is a genuine Porsche sold through your local authorized Porsche center. Built from high-quality components derived from bicycles, composite wheels with simulated center locks that mimics the real life Porsche. The Go-Kart comes with pneumatic air filled tires, a sport seat, a sturdy steel frame and has the ability to pedal both forward and backward. It comes complete with stopping package that comprises of a back-pedal brake and a handbrake. Read More →

Bud Bug: Automated Mobile Grinder

Bud Bug

If you are shopping for a new grinder, there are a few things you want to look for. First, make sure it is made from quality materials and is durable. In addition, you will want to take style and price into consideration. With price you generally get what you pay for, but there are hundreds of styles out there to choose from. The Bud Bug Automated Grinder has all that and in addition it will bring a small on everyone’s face. Read More →

Interceptor Aerobatic R/C Jet

Post image for Interceptor Aerobatic R/C Jet

Summer is just around the corner and here is a great gift idea for summer fun. For all R/C plane enthusiasts here is a great opportunity to add this Interceptor Jet to their collection for less than half its price (56% off).

The twin motors of this R/C jet supply so much thrust that it can complete a loop effortlessly. Capable of vertical climbing and looping, the jet features differential thrust turning technology, independently varying the RPM’s on each of its two motors. With the twin-stick transmitter you have complete control over climbing, diving, and turning smoothly every time, making you look like a pro-pilot. Read More →