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Marvel-Universe-Masterworks-Sentinel-X-Men-Action-FigureMutants beware, here comes the massive Marvel Universe Sentinel action figure to capture you, it doesn’t matter if you’re good or evil; this machine will capture you!

The Marvel Universe Masterworks Sentinel X-Men Action Figure stands 16 inches tall and comes with a bonus 3.75” Wolverine action figure, perfect for doing battle in your bedroom or at the office.  This action figure set is a must have for any true X-Men fans/collectors.

Buy it: $64.99

Buddy Bumper Ball

buddy bumper balls

Ever thought about watching your kids battle it out in sumo wrestling fat suits? Well, here’s something even more fun, the Buddy Bumper Balls. These cool, blue inflatable balls are sure to make your kids make the best of those cold winter days. They allow your kids to battle it out and at the same time provide lots of cushioning. They’ll have freedom to wave their arms around and chase after one another, while bumping and bouncing off each other safely. The design of the ball allows for a comfortable fall, however, do avoid stairwells and hills and make sure an adult is present. Read More →

Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear that plays musicA geek who couldn’t go to sleep without hugging his teddy bear must have come up with this Innovative idea. Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player is a snuggly little gadget that has added a new definition to the word Teddy Bear. With the Christmas shopping season just around the corner, it will be well received by children and adults alike. The soft and cuddly darling will put you to sleep while you enjoy your favorite bed-time lullaby or music, after a long and exhaustive day at work or school.

It plays back 1GB of your favorite tunes and allows you to record personal messages. The built in speakers and MP3 is your one-stop entertainment center to your personalized bedtime soundtrack play backs. Updates (sold separately after first year) are available by uploads through a year’s worth of unlimited Cuddle tunes website access for you to change the soundtrack of your choice. Read More →

Post image for Codeybot – Small Robot Teaches You Coding Language

I’ve been thinking about learning to code but they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Thankfully, I’m not old but procrastination is something I seem to be quite fond of. With the way technology is advancing, it’s probably in my best interest to at least learn the basics. And considering I have a child on the way, I’m certain I will be running into this topic at some point in the near future when coding is taught in elementary and middle school. Everyone has different learning styles and the Codeybot is a little robot that wants to help you learn to code in a hands-on method. Read More →

Post image for Mozbii Stylus Pen – Draw With Real World Colors

I thought I’ve seen products like this before but apparently this Mozbii Stylus Pen is the world’s first color picking stylus and it’s intended for children to help them learn and discover. Kids are able to capture, create, and share. With this stylus pen, users can “borrow” colors from the real world for digital art on their smart phones and tablets. Read More →

Post image for Air Power Racer Vehicle – For The Eco-Conscious Kids

Which child growing up didn’t love toys? Whether it was something as simple as a ball or something awesome like a remote controlled car or video game system. We loved and wanted it all! And these days, everything is about being environmentally friendly so why not teach our little ones the importance of this by getting them something like the Air Power Racer Vehicle? Read More →

Land Rover Defender Pedal Car

Post image for Land Rover Defender Pedal Car

Although I’ve never owned an SUV, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G Class, or the Land Rover Defender. But at the same time, it would be a real shame owning such a capable vehicle and never being able to actually use it for its intended purpose, going off road. If I can’t own it, perhaps my future child might get a kick out of the Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept. Read More →

Post image for PowerUp 3.0: Phone Controlled Paper Plane

For all those paper plane enthusiasts, now you can put some spice into flying by attaching a small electric motor to your paper plane and controlling it by your smart phone. The package contains several templates for you to practice building your own paper planes. Mind you that it’s not success at first attempt. You may have to build several different planes until you become an expert flyer. Read More →