Why We Love to Play Slot Machines on Online Casinos

In a world with next-gen consoles and high definition, cinematic game titles, it can be difficult to understand why some of the simplest game formats are prevailing as some of the most popular. Last year alone, around $39.5 billion was generated by online gaming sites, and online slots had a big role to play in this.

While you’ll struggle to even come close to matching the gripping story telling of The Last of Us or the high speed, pulse-racing actions of GTA at an online casino, online casino games continue to draw in huge crowds of players across the board. They offer a completely different gaming experience, where your victory is based more on luck and less on your skills. You’ll probably even spot a few familiar faces, as many of today’s slot games are based on hit movie franchises (such as The Dark Knight) or even game series’ (like the Hitman slots).

And while sometimes it’s the simple gaming formats and brightly coloured graphics that make slots so appealing, their main attraction is the fact that you could land an astonishing cash prize in a matter of seconds. Online slots have created thousands of jackpot winners across the globe, with an anonymous player in Finland earning himself a Guinness World Record back in 2013 when he scooped a whopping $22,974,400 jackpot prize on the aptly titled Mega Fortune slot.

This insanely lucky 47-year old Finnish man is just one of the many millionaire online casino jackpot winners who owe their fortunes to a quick spin of the virtual one armed bandit. Stories continue to flood in of unsuspecting winners who bet small, insignificant amounts and walked away with life-changing sums. More players are trying to emulate their success and, more importantly, have fun on their potential road to millions.

The online slot industry has exploded with new titles over recent years, providing such a wide variety of different themes and titles across the web. It’s this choice, coupled with unique game features, new challenges and the skyrocketing progressive jackpots, that have led more and more people to put down their controllers and play casino slot machine games online. Maybe you should try pausing that game, opening up your laptop and getting a taste of the spreading slotomania for yourself!




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