Why Convert CR3 To JPG And How To Use reaConverter Image Conversion Software?

The new Canon processors in mirrorless cameras were introduced along with the new CR3 file extension. The CR stands for Canon Raw. It offers RAW quality as well as compact file size. As this format is new, multiple editing apps are unable to open and process.cr3 image files. You will need an external application to convert it. 

The new processor is called DIGIC8 designed for a wider range and enhanced shooting performance. It even affects new DSLR like Canon EOS 250D and 90D. The CR3 file has a high-quality scene recreation capacity. The RAW format offers lossless photos and pixels compression that can be post-processed with editing tools. 

The key difference between Canon’s CR2 & CR3 files is that the former is based on TIFF [Tagged Image File Format], while the latter is quite similar to CIFF [Camera Image File Format]. The photos can be saved in a compressed RAW version that is 40% smaller than the large size. 

How to open and convert CR3 files?

CR3 format is new, so your computer may be unable to give a preview. For post-processing, you need a compatible editing tool. There is the Adobe Photoshop program but it can be a little complicated. There is Lightroom but it can be costly. 

Fortunately, you can gain access to a reliable online CR3 photo converter. Convert the RAW image files into JPG format. Many photographers ask questions like rather than converting into JPEG format, why not shoot in JPG ode rather than RAW. 

If you believe at the moment that the only benefit of the RAW image file is the ability to make extra changes then you are in for surprise. RAW files record a massive amount of data, which helps to increase the image quality in print and on-screen. 

The majority of DSLR cameras can capture photos in RAW and JPG mode, simultaneously. There are situations when you may prefer one format over the other or use both during the same task. 

What’s RAW?

RAW is also popular as digital negatives and is unprocessed image files. In comparison to JPG capture, the RAW mode captures a vast range of tonal data and colors. This extensive information range offers good opportunities for photographers to produce highlights, color details, and amazing shadows. It even reduces the chances of banding. RAW is a lossless file type, so doesn’t have compressed pieces like lossy JPG format. 

RAW capture offers more flexibility because detail recovery is possible if things go in the wrong direction like the image getting over or underexposed. 

What’s JPG?

The JPG mode captures a limited data range. It was developed to offer easily transferable, compact image files. If JPG mode is chosen the processing settings of the camera are permanently applied to the file. It can impact image quality. For example, Contract and sharpening cannot be undone. Information lost is not recovered during post-production with JPG captures. Banding occurs with JPG format as a limited range is captured. Lossy compression is used, so image data is lost while the photo is saved in JPG format. 

Which is better RAW or JPG or Both?

RAW captures more image data offering the flexibility to process stunning prints. RAW mode is a better option for photographers that work with commercials, artists, weddings, and portraits. 

Wedding photographers offer same-day slideshows, therefore setting their DSLR cameras to RAW+ JPEG. The in-camera processes JPG and prepares for reception slideshow. It downloads quickly and is used with negligible processing. However, the RAW captures will be accessible for processing the wedding album and prints. 

In some situations, RAW is a hindrance or unnecessary…..

Professional Photography genres that have to handle the delivery demands shoot in JPG. For example, the sports and press photographers. These need to send their image files to the news desk instantly. Unlike RAW, the JPG file size is compact, so makes it easy to transfer. 

RAW captures need extensive storage, so for personal images, you will choose JPG. There is no need for processing and the photos can be shared and printed with ease. With JPG you can click unlimited memories of loved ones and store them permanently because less storage space is needed. 

Depending on the end-use choose which format is suitable because all three have their perks. However, after post-processing the RAW or CR3 file you will need to convert it into a JPG file. 

Reasons to convert CR3 to JPG

CR3 are RAW images on Canon cameras, which are great for post-processing and editing tasks because it captures a plethora of details and things can be tweaked without compromising image quality. A RAW file occupies lots of storage space and takes more time and bandwidth to download or upload. Sharing RAW files is not possible. Therefore, JPG is preferred to store the final image. The small size means a lot of images can be stored in a given space than RAW. 

reaConverter is a reliable program, you can choose to help convert the CR3 files to JPG. The program supports batch conversion, so you can convert multiple images simultaneously and save the time and effort of repetitive tasks.  

How to convert CR3 to JPG?

  • Download & install ReaConverter from its official website. The interface is simple and you will capably do it with ease by following the setup wizard. 
  • Launch the program. 
  • Load all CR3 files you plan to convert to JPG. {many free online converters support 2 to 5 simultaneous conversions}
  • Choose the CR3 image files or drag & drop them directly in the programs window.
  • From the saving option choose an output folder to save the converted JPG files. You even get to apply extra editing options to the .cr3 images you planned to convert.
  • Choose JPG format [There are multiple other formats available like PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF, etc.]
  • Click the ‘Start’ Button.

The time taken to complete the conversion will depend on the bulk of images you uploaded to convert into JPG. ReaConverter even converts between other formats like JPG to PNG or SVG.

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