Watch China’s Lantern Festival Light Up with Drones

China is familiar with the growing presence of hobby drones. In fact, DJI and Ehang, two of the world’s leading drone manufacturers and names, are incredibly popular in the country. Originating in Shenzhen and Guangzhou specifically, both have carved their own name in the drone world.

Drone Display Prevalence

In China, as well as in the United States, a growing trend is nighttime drone shows. These involve dazzling light displays created by drones, while forming wonderful shapes and patterns in the sky. Of course, the backdrop needs to be dark to appreciate the full extent of the drone showcase.

It is therefore common to host these events at night, in place of firework displays. Indeed, events worldwide tend to go the drone route over the ancient art of fireworks. Companies such as Intel paved the way for this using their trademark Shooting Star drones in famous events.

Lantern Festival

This week in China, the Lantern Festival held its festivities to the modern century with the use of drone displays. Using the many drones, Ehang produced dazzling letters in the air that showed, ‘Happy Lantern Festival’. While the thousands of spectators below watched at the city of Haikou, millions even more watched at home.

Opting for drone displays over fireworks has a ton of perks. Drones produce less noise, last long in the air compared to firework detonations, and do not produce harmful smoke. Using drones is indeed a safer and more modern solution to an ancient problem.

Looking into the next Century

What does the future hold for drone nighttime festivities? Well for one, it may not only be limited to nights anymore. With recent regulation changes, drones can now perform their shows indoors, provided criteria are met. Brighter LED lights in these drones also make it far more appealing in contrast to the dark skies behind them.




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