Hello, drone addicts today we will take a look at two of the best racing drones your money can buy. You probably have been thinking of buying a Phantom or DJI series,  maybe you’re interested in drones great for photography or cinematography (yes, they are) or you are just looking to own your very own remote controlled super toy.

Let us have a look at a drone that you and your friends can take to the park to shoot around and have some fun. These are small, tough, agile, high-speed machines with FPV cameras that maneuver through technical courses. FPV means First Person View.


Let start with the Uvify Draco is known as the first consumer drone Uvify put out in the market. It has the capacity to hit up to 100 miles per hour. It is also one of the best photography drones out there in the market. It a fairly heavy drone, but it’s very fast and powerful it might need a bit more room to make the corner. This drone is built with a modular design. The body is built from a carbon fiber frame so the user can rest assured that the drone is built pretty solid. The Draco is ideal for courses that are long and straight.

They are two models to choose from the Draco and the Draco HD with the latter having a better camera and real-time HD video streaming. When it comes to racing with your friends at the park or wherever,  I would suggest getting the Uvify Draco. It is estimated at $500. Though it isn’t cheap it also isn’t expensive either.

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Now to the next racing drone the Walker F210 3D

Walker F210 3D

Walker F210 3D is one of the best drones in the world. The drone is more  lightweight compared to the Uvify. It is extremely agile, particularly in the demanding corners of some technical courses. It is also very fast enough to keep up. The Walker F210 3D comes already with both the normal and night vision camera. It has a sturdy build. The drone allows for simple customization with its parts and features lasting longer than other drones in today’s market. Even if the drone crash and I’m not saying it would the company has done what they can to protect the core components and the remaining ones can easily be replaced. The drone is estimated at an average of $400.

If it were up to me, judging from the price differences and some other features I’ll recommend picking the Walker F210 3D. But before you buy it yet see this article on things to look out for when buying a drone.




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