Tourist in Hot Water after Flying Drone Overseas

Flying a drone is a fun hobby to try out. Flying a drone in another country you are visiting may be less than ideal. For one, you are visiting the country with their own laws and regulations. This can land you in deep trouble if caught in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Drone Flying Problems

Flying drones can even give you trouble locally. While the technology around drones grows leaps and bounds every year, acceptance is still in the air. People do not want flying drones – armed with cameras no less – buzzing around their areas. The cameras can be perceived as wandering eyes in the sky. Wandering visually into people’s homes and watching their activities – all without their consent.

Because at the end of the day, it all boils down to that – consent. Nobody wants to have their private lives seen through a stranger’s eyes without their approval. This can be even more strenuous in certain places, like neighborhoods and government buildings.

Flying a drone can be fun – but without following regulations, it can be extremely troublesome.

Myanmar Parliament Incident

A French tourist for example landed in hot water this week in Myanmar for flying a drone. The drone flew within the grounds of the Myanmar Parliament building – a government facility. Government facilities, especially in important cities, are absolutely restricted from photography sessions and video recording. Using a drone surpasses all these forbidden items. The tourist was apprehended and could face charges for this act alone. The broken laws amplify with the revelation that the tourist brought the drone to the country illegally.

The tourist faces fines and even imprisonment of up to 3 years. Travelers and locals alike, always make sure you understand the area’s drone regulations before flying. Some places have stricter restrictions than others do, especially in certain areas. Always be aware of the situation when flying drones. It can save you a ton of trouble later on.




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