Top Hybrid Cars That Are Worth Your Money

Humankind has come a long way since the age of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen that was the first-ever modern car invented in 1886. Over time, we have adopted locomotives that use fuel and are currently gearing towards an age of smart cars, otherwise known as hybrid vehicles. Most smart cars of today combine both battery and fuel consumption to run. Unlike traditional vehicles that are entirely dependent on gas, these options burn less gas and source their power from batteries. This not only helps save some cash but is also efficient in the preservation of the environment, which is the centre of most products in current times. Some hybrid cars are capable of running on batteries alone that can be recharged by plugging into a power source. And while charging them, you can play eye of horus demo for free.

The idea of a car that runs on battery power sounds convoluted and too futuristic to be available currently, but that is not the case. In fact, the technology has become so refined that most car manufacturers have smart car options for clients to choose from. Most of the presented choices still depend on fuel to run, but with the upside of not having to fill your gas tank as often as you do with the traditional options. Out of the tens of hybrid vehicle options out there, a handful of them stands out from the lot as better performers. If you are looking to pocket one of these bad boys, here are some that are worthy of your attention.

Range Rover PHEV

Range Rovers are a regal lineup of cars that are associated with the wealthy and have the durability to explain such a high status. The Range Rover PHEV is Land Rover’s most innovative powertrain to date. The car uses a lightweight Ingenium engine that uses a plug-in system to run. You get 48 kilometres when the engine is fully charged with no carbon dioxide emissions. Even with the massive engine changes, this car maintains the classic Range Rover design that is instantly recognisable the world over. This powerful car does not come cheap though with a starting price tag of 84,000 pounds attached to it.

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES is the ultimate posh salon if Mercedes, BMW or Audi are too predictable options for you. The car is meant for those that want something that looks different but is still stylish, and do not want to deal with diesel tanks. This Lexus option is especially famous for its well-calibrated suspension that makes the driver oblivious of the less civilised aspects of the road. The interior is a worthy rival for luxury salon cars with robust granite design and a lot of space.

Lexus UX

The Lexus UX is the embodiment of a small yet posh SUV that dares to stand out from the lot. The vehicle features a lot of folds and crises in its design that make it a stylish car rather than a folded mess. It has the build and quality that is signature with Lexus products despite being a much more different option than what the company is well-known for. In the powertrain land, you can choose between two options – a two-litre four-cylinder engine and All-Wheel-Drive option, that houses the hybrid engine. 

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius kicked off the hybrid era with the mass release of the 1997 model. The vehicle is still considered one of the best and affordable options out there and holds the title of the mileage king. It features a fuel economy of 80 miles per gallon, which is more impressive than most other hybrid cars. It also performs with excellent efficiency despite how it is driven and the external conditions. The Toyota Prius also includes an All-Wheel-Drive option, which is a unique option for cars in the standard hybrid class. Even though it does not have the best looks, its practicality knocks it out of the park as a value proposition that cannot be ignored.

Honda NSX

The Honda NSX is proof that Honda is one of the most diverse car manufacturers in the world. This vehicle is one of the company’s most expensive hybrid options starting at 140,000 pounds. The car is an excellent choice if your aim is not looking to save fuel but to go fast, which is no surprise considering it is a two-seater supercar. The Honda NSX is still comfortable to drive, which is a signature element of Honda cars.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla started out a different car, but it is currently a replacement for the Toyota Aris. The Aris was best known for being as dull as any small-sized car can be. However, it had the most significant update in 2019 to not only its appearance but also performance. Therefore, it not only looks brilliant but it is also brilliant; so brilliant that it has dethroned the Toyota Prius as the ultimate pocket-friendly hybrid car. 

Toyota maintains its sensibility of options with this car so that you can choose between 1.8 and 2-liter petrol-electric hybrids. It also comes in standard, estate, and salon versions as well. The average infotainment system does not compete against those of Range Rover and other high-end options. Still, it does not take away the Toyota Corolla’s place as the ultimate hybrid.

Honda Insight

Even though it does not broadcast its green credentials, the Honda Insight is one of the best hybrid cars that fall within the standard limit. The vehicle features an incredible fuel economy of about 48 to 52 miles/gallon. The Honda Insight has attractive styling that sets it a couple of bars higher than the ordinary salon car. It also has a roomy interior with a functional cabin that features a clean design. If anything, it is the best of all the Civic options in terms of features and styling.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

The recent Toyota Rav4 was not the most exciting in the lineup as most people expressed their disappointment with is performance. However, the giant car manufacturer surprised the world with a hybrid option that is a lot more pleasant than the gasoline-powered vehicle. The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid sources its driving supremacy from an extra torque that does not take away any practicality of the model. The car’s fuel efficiency of 40 mpg is a surprise considering the massive size of the SUV and all the people and cargo it can move around. 

Wrap Up

2020 is seeing a lot more cars lean towards the use of batteries than fuel, which is going a long way in conserving the environment. As of the moment, sift through the options above and see which one fits you best.




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