Top 5 Drones Under $500

Hello drone addict, today we take a look at drones that are priced below the $500 range. It means these drones are not cheap and it isn’t too expensive too. This is because with drones the higher the quality the higher the price and the cheaper the price well so is the quality.

Today we bring you a drone that you can afford at a reasonable price and if you don’t have the money yet wait in this article I’ll show a secret way to get any drone you want.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard ($499.00)

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard delivers the safety, reliability, and video quality you expect from a phantom at a price that appeals to you. The DJI phantom includes a slate of safety features, automated flight modes, and is no slouch when it comes to video capture. Its maximum video resolution is 2.7k. This is probably the best drone you can get for $500.  The Phantom 3 standard supports all DJI’s intelligent flight mode. These include Follow Me, in which the phantom tracks the movement of the remote control. DJI Phantom 3 has a flight time of 23 minutes per charge. The battery requires more than an hour to charge fully. It also requires Android and iOS devices.


  • Weight : 2.7 pounds
  • Camera resolution : 12 MP
  • Flight time : 20 Minutes
  • Video Resolution : 2.7k
  • Estimated Price : $499.00

Parrot Bebop 2 ($479.00)

This is a more family-friendly drone. This offers a decent camera, solid flight capabilities, and a lightweight frame. The drone is built like most parrot drones of plastic and foam. The foam core is quite resilient, super light, and easy to both build with and repair. This drone comes with FPV goggles (FPV = First Person View).


  • Camera Resolution : 14 MP
  • Flight Time : 23 minutes
  • Range : 37 miles per hours
  • Weight : 500g
  • Controller : No required Android or iOS
  • Estimated Price : $479

Holy Stone F181 ($100)

One of the great upcoming contributors to the drone market is Holy Stone company from China. This drone is quite a popular device ( worldwide). The drone has competitive pricing ( about $100) has played a great role in its sales. If you are used to a quadcopter with the manual controller, you will certainly find this drone pretty easy to understand. This drone takes about 80 minutes to charge and it flight time is about 10 minutes. Something to consider before you purchase is that this drone heats up a lot. The controller of this particular drone is a little fragile.


  • Flight Time : 8 – 10 minutes
  • Camera : 2 MP
  • Control Range : 50 – 100 meters
  • Battery : 700 mAh
  • Charge Time : 80 minutes

Most of the drones on the list are below $500, that is are neither cheap nor expensive. An interesting way to afford the purchase would be to make money legitimately through online real money casinos, with a few winnings under your belt making a $500 purchase would just be a walk in the park.

IRC’S VORTEX 250 ($429.95)

The next drone on our list was released in 2015. The IRC’s vortex stands for ImmersionRC vortex. The ImmersionRC’s vortex is an almost unbreakable 250 class racer that is easy to tune and repair in the field. This is a complete racer drone. This drone is built for racing in the park with a couple of friends or racing in FPV racing events.

The ImmersionRC Vortex 250 has everything a drone racer could want to be packaged into an easy-to-learn and forgiving platform that can also win races.

The vortex 250 has a shock-absorbing camera mount to hold the flight cam.


  • 250mm wheelbase
  • 415g dry weight (no camera or battery)
  • Top speed: ~60 mph
  • Motors: 2204-2300 (bidirectional)
  • ESCs: Gen2 EzESC 20A with OneShot125 and rotorSENSE
  • Power: 3s or 4s Lithium Polymer batteries (not included)
  • 4mm arms (CF)
  • Flight Camera: FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2
  • State-of-the-art F3 FC processor
  • 2nd-gen 20A EzESCs
  • Custom 2204 2300kV motors
  • Built-in 2MB black box recorder
  • Rigid 4mm carbon fiber arms
  • Direct connection to PPM, Spektrum, S-Bus, XBus receivers
  • Lost Model Alarm (loud!)
  • Camera mount for a GoPro 3/4 Camera (not included)
  • Receivers (not included): CPPM, S-Bus, Spektrum™ XBus, SumD, SumH

TBS VENDETTA ($499.95)

This is also another racer drone. The thrill provided by racing drones is easy to see. There is a clear adrenaline rush from weaving your way around a course at speed up to 70mPh all the while wearing the First Person View ( FPV) headset. At such a speed crashes are inevitable and drone parts are highly dispensable. TBS (Team Black Sheep) offers an elegant and robust solution a 5″ prop, RTF – FPV machine.TBS Vendetta model was designed and test flown by a professional.

Once you purchase this particular drone you have to assemble it yourself. It doesn’t come with a radio system, no batteries, and no charger included. You must purchase your own radio system batteries and charger to fly it. The estimated flight time is 3 – 5 minutes. Spend a few minutes at Jokaroom and you might be able to pick up a new drone by playing the right games and winning big. They come highly recommended.


  • 240-sized B&F FPV Racer
  • Quick-replace 3.5mm carbon fiber arms, MT30 connectors
  • Cobra CM2204/2300kV Motors, HQ 5x4x3 Props
  • TBS PowerCube with fastest F3 board available, 2-6S capable Bulletproof 30/50A ESCs




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