The Reason Why Property Marketeers Should Use Drones

If you’re in the business commercial property management or selling, you’re probably starting to realize that there are huge advantages to using UAV drones to film or photograph your buildings. If you’re working with large houses in the countryside, commercial buildings, or retail parks – generally situated in areas with fewer rules and regulations than busy metropolitan areas – then drones are the best tool for the job.

(It doesn’t hurt that they’re a ton of fun either)

So let’s talk about that for a moment. If you aren’t already, why should you be excited about drones for commercial applications? Well, the great thing about drones is that they can be…

Flown just about anywhere

Unlike “aerial masts” which are limited to driveways and extremely height limited, drones are super maneuverable. As long as you’re flying it legally, drones can handle just about every perspective. Fly it through the building, then zip out to capture some overview footage as well. You can cover every angle in the same video.

Drones can film

Rather than simply supplying aerial stills, capturing footage and creating a little movie, complete with music, can be a whole lot more effective when it comes to selling or renting out your properties. Moving visuals always trump simple still photos. Selling is all about invoking emotion, with dry facts and details taking a distant second. That’s the power of a good video.

Drones can give your clients a whole new perspective

If you’re marketing a large tract of land, then drones are the obvious choice. Your clients will get a whole new perspective and a clear sense of scope. That’s something you just can’t capture from the ground, and I’m going to assume helicopters are out of your budget. If you’re a little more technically minded, many drones can be programmed to fly in a certain pattern, making it easy to capture your entire property in an automated fashion without having to manually steer it around and capture footage.

Used as a unique selling tool

Everyone loves a good drone video, even if they don’t know it yet. I guarantee that if you show your client some footage you took of your property, they’ll be all over it. There’s nothing quite like seeing the world from a bird’s eye perspective. These kinds of videos can even bring in more clients because people are likely to share them on social media, where they have a chance to become viral. Yes, even for “boring” commercial property videos.

Drones are really affordable

I keep going on about the power of video, and that’s because it’s so powerful. It doesn’t hurt that drones are so affordable compared to say, hiring a helicopter pilot to fly you over your property to take footage. You can get a high-quality drone for a few thousand dollars, and that will be more than enough to handle your needs. If you need something beefier, you could hire someone to fly something like the drone you see in the image above, but that’s unlikely to be necessary.




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