The Rapid Rise of eSports Betting in 2023

Esports has come a long way from being a niche activity to becoming a massive and accomplished sport. The meteoric rise of esports in recent years has been remarkable. With hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, more and more people are engaging with this emerging industry every day.

The exciting thing is that esports are not as recent as many may think. The first competitive Space Invaders and Pac-Man tournaments were held in the 1970s and 1980s. For the new generations accustomed to games loaded with frenetic action like Valorant or CSGO, it may be difficult to imagine the Space Invaders tournament. Still, they laid the foundation of the mega Esports industry that we have today.

The growing popularity of Esports

Esports have become incredibly popular over the past decade thanks to the internet and platforms like Twitch that have made it easier than ever to watch content from the competitive scene. Esports are increasingly being seen as a legitimate form of competition on par with traditional physical sports, with millions of viewers tuning into major tournaments each year. Professional Esports leagues are popping up worldwide, and some games even offer substantial cash prizes for their best competitors.

Esports have become so popular among the young generation because they feel more identified with the athletes of this discipline. To practice Esports, you only need a computer; of course, and like any sports discipline, you need training, but it’s not as challenging as training for football, or at least your body will hurt less.

This is one of the hottest industries at the moment; even well-known former athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Alex Rodriguez have invested in teams and related companies.

David Beckham launched Guild Esports in June 2020, and the company has already gone public on the London Stock Exchange and raised $52.3 million. CEO Kal Hourd said: “In the first six months since our IPO we have executed our strategy of investing in and building best-in-class Esports teams, content creators, lifestyle apparel and our academy system, along with a fully supported operations team.” This shows that the Esports industry is not a game.

Esports betting

With the rise in popularity of Esports, a betting industry has also sprung up around major teams and events. Fans can place wagers on nearly any type of major or minor Esports event, from League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments to Call of Duty championships. This form of online gambling is incredibly popular because it allows fans to show support for their favorite teams and players and gives them a chance at winning real money prizes from their bets.

Betting on Esports has grown so fast that according to a Venture Beat article, it is projected that by 2023 this category will reach USD 8 billion in total wagers.

Esports betting has become so popular that most betting sites offer markets for major events and tournaments throughout the year. Ohio sports betting promos and other great deals are also available often, so if you have never bet on Esports this is your chance to do so.

Esports are the future of all sports

Experts project that Esports will become the future of all sports as viewers demand more immersive and interactive experiences with the content they consume. For example, the International Olympic Committee has already taken the first steps to bring the world of traditional sports and Esports closer by creating The Olympic Esports Series 2023, a global virtual and simulated sports competition where both amateurs and professionals can compete in different games.




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