The EyeROV Tuna: an Underwater Ship Repair Drone

Drones are fun. They are complex creations that can create fly to the skies. Their flight capabilities rival even helicopters and planes. This alone makes them excellent carriers of high definition cameras. Imagine seeing a view you previously could only see while riding inside big heavy aircrafts.

And the best part? You get to control the drone’s movement. In planes and helicopters, unless you are the one driving, you are merely a spectator. With drones, you are the master of your own path. It is probably the closest you can get outside of sprouting wings and flying yourself.

The sky is the limit. For drones, that may not be the case, as unlikely as that sounds. Drones can fly way up in the stratosphere, but the skies are not the only places where a drone can explore.

Underwater Repair Drone

In India, a drone is making headlines because of its irregular design. This drone does not launch into the sky to monitor the ground below. It goes underwater to check under ships to see if they need maintenance. The EyeROV Tuna is a drone capable of submerging into the depths for a long period of time.

Created by EyeROV Technologies, the EyeROV Tuna can go to about 50 meters of depth to get its target. It can take HD footage of the subjects and forward it to a command center in real time. There, inspectors can learn about a ship’s exterior without having to send divers to survey the scene. That was the previously used method, one that involves a fair amount of risk for the divers. It also takes a lot of time. The process of surveying, taking in details, and sending it to the command center usually took hours, even days, to finish.

With the EyeROV Tuna, inspectors get the data they need instantaneously, giving them an idea of what to expect for repairs. Ships can now receive this kind of treatment, giving a more fast-paced and efficient docking period when going for repairs. The EyeROV Tuna may soon be at your local shipyard, as plans for commercializing this drone is already underway.




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