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Sexy Laura Craft Cosplay

sexy laura craft cosplay

Growing up as a teenage male in the late 90’s guarantees you’ve played many hours of the Tomb Raider video game not only for the gameplay but also to just enjoy looking at Laura Craft from every angle imaginable.  I’m sure you also tried the naked Laura Craft hack/cheat to get a real good look at Miss Craft’s “assets”, I don’t know if that cheat really existed because I never did get it to work.

To fulfill your adolescent fantasies of Laura Craft, we present you this really sexy Laura Craft cosplay by Dayna Baby Lou.  This is by far the hottest cosplay I’ve written about here at Geek Extreme; hopefully this won’t be the last.  I don’t really have much to say, use your imagination and wipe that drool off your keyboard.  Hit the jump for more pictures of sexy Laura Craft cosplay. Read More →

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cosplay

Catwoman Cosplay

I haven’t watched The Dark Knight Rises yet because I didn’t really want to wait in line for hours but I’m eagerly looking forward to watching this epic movie in the next week.  I also can’t wait to see Anne Hathaway in those sexy tights in her role as Catwoman, but for now I’ll just drool over this super-sexy Catwoman cosplay by Nicole Jean at the 2012 Connecticon Anime Convention.  Miss Jean is pretty hot with all the right curves in all the right places; she makes a hotter Catwoman than Anne IMO.  Hit the jump for full size pictures of Catwoman cosplay from The Dark Knight Rises with a bonus shot of Batman. Read More →

Hot Mad Moxxi Cosplay from Borderlands

Borderlands Mad Moxxi

Here are a few pictures by Katy-Angel, cosplaying Mad Moxxi from the video game Borderlands.  Although I’ve never played the game, but from what I’ve read, this Mad Moxxi cosplay is very realistic and Miss Katy-Angel looks incredibly beautiful.  Hit the jump to view three full-sized pictures of hot Mad Moxxi cosplay. Read More →

Geek Extreme’s New Cosplay Section

Zelda cosplay

Welcome to our new section on cosplay, in this new section we’ll bring you some of the best cosplay pictures from around the world.  This section will mostly feature female cosplayers but we’ll also try our best to bring male cosplayers.

Cosplay has been gaining popularity over the last decade thanks to the internet and amazing websites like ours.  Cosplay is short for “Costume Play”, some of the costumes are extremely detailed and the cosplayers have spent lots of time perfecting them and therefore deserve the attention.  To start this wonderful new section, below is a sample of some hot cosplay and a taste of things to come. Read More →