Surprising Reasons to Get a Home Security System You Might Not Have Thought of

Most homeowners install home security systems as a way to thwart burglars and keep their family and possessions safe. In many cases, though, alarms, cameras and other security devices aren’t purchased until after something has happened, such as a neighbor being robbed. It makes sense, given that it’s statistically proven that having an alarm system makes your home a less attractive target to thieves. According to the American Electronics Association, nine out of 10 burglars will skip a home if its equipped with a security system. And your security system can help protect your neighbors as well since robbers will generally avoid whole neighborhoods if multiple homes have alarm systems.

However, preventing a break-ins isn’t the only reason to invest in a security system installed by an Atlanta security company. There are actually many benefits of having an alarm system in your home, offering convenience, peace of mind and money savings.

Watch Your Kids and Pets

Have you ever wondered what Fido does all day while you’re at work? Or whether the kids are having friends over when you explicitly told them not to? With a video security system, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Some video systems (like the Ring doorbell) are focused on your home’s entrances, showing you who is coming and going. You can add other cameras, though, to watch interior rooms or your yard.

Keeping an eye on things via Wi-Fi camera isn’t just for catching people up to no good, either — if you have an elderly relative, for example, a security system can help you check in on them when you can’t be there. You can also watch the people who you let into your home, such as pet sitters or babysitters, to make sure that they are doing their jobs appropriately.

Keep an Eye on Your Neighborhood

Although the focus on your security system is to protect your own home, cameras and alarms can also help you keep tabs on what is happening in your neighborhood. Your video feed might show a suspicious vehicle driving up and down the street, for instance, putting you on alert. A security system can also alert you to salespeople — and scammers — who might be canvassing your neighbors, so you can warn others and the authorities if necessary.

Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Installing a home security system can help lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. On average, homeowners who have a professionally monitored security system receive about 20 percent off their annual premiums. Even if you opt for a self-monitored system, some insurers will offer a smaller discount.

A security system can also increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers if you ever want to sell.

Prevent Tragic Accidents

If you have children in your home, a home monitoring system can keep them from getting into trouble with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or guns. According to a government security, a majority of first and second graders know where their parents keep the alcohol, and 36 percent have handled weapons without their parents’ knowledge. Given that home is the leading source of alcohol for underage drinkers, being able to watch your kids and their friends even when you aren’t home can help discourage them from getting into trouble.


We’ve all come home from work or a day out later than expected and had to fumble in the dark to find the keys and open the door. And who hasn’t accidentally locked their keys inside? With a smart security system, you can configure it to allow you to unlock doors and turn on lights using your phone, ending lockouts and ensuring that the lights are on when you need them. This can save some hefty locksmith bills!

Ultimately, a home security system is designed to protect your home and family and give you peace of mind. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there are multiple reasons that a security system is a good idea. It doesn’t have to break the bank, and in fact, the financial incentives can even outweigh the costs in many cases. Even a simple system can offer protection, so look into the options today.




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