SmartAC Starter Kit

According to the U.S. Department of Energy air conditioning of your home takes a 43 percent bite from your monthly utility bill. This could be significant if you live where the heat is unyielding and summers are long.

Lowering your energy bills doesn’t require spending large amount of money on overhauling your ventilation system or purchasing green power gadgets or sacrificing your sanity. You can drive your energy costs down by a small investment in this SmartAC Starter Kit by ThinkEco. This will control your AC unit into a device that is controlled by an app that will help you schedule on and off times and control the temperature with your smartphone.

The device can operate with your computer and internet connection. A WiFi model is also available for preorder. The availability of units in 110v and 220v models has an international appeal. The starter kit includes the plug adapter, the Gateway unit itself and a remote. If you already have a Gateway then purchase additional SmartAC Kits for $135.99 to add to your existing network. [Buy It]




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