Skydio 2 Dock Capable of Charging On the Go

The company Skydio has released a number of excellent drones, ranging from recreational selfie drones to serious, heavy-duty drones. Their next creation, the Skydio 2 Dock, complements these drones very well.

Skydio and Autonomy

The common thing about their products is the emphasis on autonomy. Skydio is very proud of the fact that their drones have a semblance of independence on them, and you can go on your activities without micromanaging controls.

Because of their search for true autonomy, Skydio plans to tackle one of drone’s biggest weaknesses: the battery life. For drones to fly themselves into the world continuously, they would require a more mobile form of charging. Here is where the Skydio 2 Dock comes in.

Skydio 2 Dock Review

The Skydio 2 Dock is just that – a dock meant for drone charging.

The dock is the size of a small box and is extremely portable. It is waterproof, lightweight (enough), and easy to store. You can bring it with you on the road, and the drone can simply climb in and recharge. The Skydio 2 Dock resembles a mailbox, in that it opens at the front to let the drone in. As the door opens, a platform extends out to act as a landing pad for the drone. The pad is electronically moved in and out of the door via a robotic arm.

Hands-Free Flying

With autonomy in mind, the people at Skydio designed their drones to be capable of seeking out these stations without requiring GPS. They do this through their programming alone. The drones are capable of tracking down these stations and seamlessly land on them for charging – with the use of their visual navigation systems.

The autonomous nature of these drones (as well as their charging station) makes them ideal for those who do not want micromanaged drone flying. Skydio’s drones can follow you around, and when they need new batteries, they can simply find their ‘home’ and recharge. Convenience and ease at its fullest.




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