When You Should Say Goodbye to an Old Laptop

Laptops are the trusty workhorses of the information age. They have practically the same functionality as bulky desktop computers but with the added feature of being mobile and portable. With a laptop, users can create presentations, write and proofread manuscripts, browse the internet, edit videos and so much more, anytime and anywhere. 

Despite their compact design, laptops aren’t impervious to wear and tear. After being used for good number of years, they may start to lag or malfunction. So when is a good time to upgrade to a newer model? If a laptop displays these critical signs, it might be a good idea to say goodbye and find a replacement:

The Latest Operating System Can’t Be Installed

Gone are the days when a computer’s operating system was a one-time decision. In the past, users would buy a laptop, pay for an operating system to be installed and stick to it for years. Now, more updates are regularly released to fix bugs and introduce new features. Newer versions of an operating system ensure that a computer runs smoothly so if a laptop’s specifications can no longer support these updates then it could be time to buy a new one.

Frequent Overheating

Older laptops can overheat very quickly for a variety of reasons like their internal components are no longer working efficiently or dust and dirt have accumulated on the cooling fan. Aside from being uncomfortable to use, overheating laptops can cause serious damage on a the device’s internal hardware. The following are some common signs of an overheating laptop:

  • The laptop, particularly its bottom parts, feels noticeably hot
  • The fan makes loud whirring noises
  • The system freezes
  • The screen displays lines and broken images
  • The laptop suddenly shuts down without warning

There are ways to cool down an overheating laptop but when these tricks don’t improve anything, it’s time to get a new device.

It is Slow and Inefficient

It can be tricky to define what a slow laptop is because this will depend on what the owner is using it for.

Generally, users can tell if their laptop is no longer performing well when it takes them a long time to boot, it lags and even crashes when multiple applications are running at the same time and so on. If a laptop just isn’t as efficient as it is supposed to be even after taking the necessary steps to improve its speed, then it might be time to say hello to a new device.

One might even consider buying a gaming laptop even if you’re a non-gamer because when we talk about cooling and performance, they are more powerful than the regular ones.

Hardware Replacements are Unavailable

Instead of completely buying a new laptop, some people might opt to just get hardware replacements or upgrades. Unfortunately, older models may no longer have parts or even tech support available. If it is getting harder to obtain hardware for the laptop, then it might be time to get a completely new one.

New Accessories and Gadgets Won’t Sync

From a handy handy usb charging station to an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard, there are plenty of external accessories that can help make a mouse potato’s life so much easier. In order to enjoy the comfort and convenience that these devices have to offer, a laptop needs to be equipped with the necessary specifications. Upgrading to a newer model might be a good idea if a laptop can no  longer detect new accessories or if the new device suddenly malfunctions.

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