The Rise of Smart Phone Betting in a Digital Age

The smart phone era has given rise to countless businesses, and caused many more to use Darwin’s theory of adaptation to ensure survival. One of the biggest benefactors of the smart phone revolution has been the betting industry, which has taken every opportunity to dive into the mobile market.

The mobile betting app itself is completely ingenious. Once connected to the internet, everything becomes instantaneous, giving the player nearly unlimited control over bets. The betting app has been the best friend of the in-play betting markets for this very reason: speed. By accessing your bets via your mobile, you can lay bets and sell bets much more easily and quickly. This extra control that comes with smart phones helps players to play more safely with their money.

Apps usually come with numerous perks. For example, most offer attractive bonuses that aren’t available for people walking in off the street; usually something along the lines of a deposit match, free bet, or an enhancement of odds. Whilst others, such as bet365, have their own tie-in news websites (, providing you with up to date sporting knowledge.

Striving for Innovation

Innovation has been the bread and butter for any successful company. Any business in the world strives towards innovation, the betting industry is no different. First we had the innovative in-play market – made all the more so thanks to advances in technology – in the early stages of the millennium. Then there were the smart phones themselves which bookmakers were pretty good to get onto – some had missed the internet train ad were having to play catch-up. And recently we have had the cash out feature which has added a whole new element to the gambling experience. Now you have the chance to take your money as, and when, you like – your team could be losing but there could still be something to take. That’s the beauty of the cash out feature because it is a completely new experience and it is also a kind of safe guard.

Continuing with innovation, as mentioned betting apps have been pretty innovative over the past few years and this innovation will increase in the next five years – it has already begun. Bookmakers are taking to Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as they look increase the scope of global outreach and will continue to explore every technological avenue available for them.

Bookmakers have done fantastically well out of the soaring sales of smart phones throughout the world and will continue to do so in the future. We, the public, have had good fun playing with them and more often than not recommend our betting app to out friends.

So, if you are impartial to a little flutter you should think about downloading a betting app. The best part is that it’s free.

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