Quitbit Smart Lighter – Helps You Kick The Habit Of Smoking

Smoking is considered a “nasty habit” by many. Although I don’t find smoking cigarettes appealing anymore, I think calling it a ‘nasty habit’ is a bit harsh. I’m on the vaping program now. And what one does is their business as long as they aren’t exhaling the smoke in my face. There are millions of people trying to kick their smoking habit and there are many products and therapies to aid them on this tough journey. The Quitbit Smart Lighter is yet another interesting product that’s designed to help you quit smoking and might be worth looking into.

The Quitbit Smart Lighter keeps track of all of your smoking. The little gadget has a built-in display and can wirelessly connect to the Quitbit app on your smart device to provide feedback so you are able to make healthier decisions. The lighter will light your cigarettes with a powerful heating coil so no need for any flames or butane gas. Every time you use the device, it will keep track for you by date and time and display it on your app so you can see the patterns and trends on how often you smoke. You also never have to worry about losing your lighter as you can sync it to your smart device.


The smart lighter will also help you quit by customizing your smoking pattern, especially if you are weak and know you will cheat. You can actually set limits on how often the Quitbit will work. You can also see how much money you’re smoking as you slowly cut back. Measuring gradual progress is a fantastic way to stay motivated and change your habits.

The lighter is available for $129. For more information, check out the Quitbit Smart Lighter website.




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