Plinko Game Guide and why Geeks Care About the Game

Plinko is an excellent but relatively addictive game; some might say it’s a coin-dropping game, allowing players to earn real money; players are paid money won via payment methods like Paypal.

Bob Barker Unveiled the first edition of the Price is Right on January 3rd, 1983, and that’s when he came up with the name Plinko; the reason why the name was chosen was that the chips made a plink sound as they bounced from pegs to pegs.

A woman named Judy was the first-ever person to win a Plinko game on TV; although she didn’t take the winning prize of $25,000, she ultimately got $6400.

The Plinko Master game is a lot like Pinball, and like every pinball game, winning is based on chance and experience. How you play the Plinko game will determine your chances of winning; your game strategy is also a factor that could increase your chances of winning.

How to Play Plinko Master

Although the game might seem simple to play, it’s not all that simple. It requires skill and a reasonably complex game for a player willing to learn. The first time you need to know how to understand different aspects of the game to play it successfully.

  • Your main objective in playing Plink involves gathering coins and money simply by hitting them with your Plinko balls.
  • Every time you hit a coin, the color of the currency becomes dull, and afterwards, it disappears after being shot several times.
  • To drop the ball, you must tap on any currency circles, and you will land your ball on one of the five cups below.
  • The four cups at the bottom change to different effects, and every change can either increase or decrease your coins, money or balls.
  • The fifth cup moves from one point to another and activates the slot machine. If you land a ball in the fifth cup, you get 39 Plinko balls.

Playing Plinko Luck, yellow coins give you tokens, while greens give you virtual cash after hitting the slots.

A green coin is worth $0.01, but it all depends on the slots they fall into, and your earnings can be multiplied by 2, 5, 10, 20, or even 100.

You earn one yellow coin per minute when dropping your first 40 coins, even when not playing. You could watch an ad if you run out of coins and can’t wait to get cash.

There are many offers; sometimes, you download a game, make in-app purchases or get specific achievements to get coins. Or rather spend money on buying coins or energy.

Why Geeks Care About the Game Plinko

Playing the game of Plinko has its pros and cons; in all honesty, the pros outweigh the cons. For one, it’s a fun and entertaining game; secondly, it’s an easy way to make money while having fun, especially for geeks.

Nonetheless, you need to master the game, be good at playing it, and understand the rules; sometimes, winning money isn’t guaranteed, but if you play the game well enough, you could win.

When you get a certain number of coins, you get paid. The payout is $100, although it’s hard for most players to win games. When played well, you get paid. Green coins bonuses tend to reduce; it’s a sweepstakes game but legal. So, most times, you either win or lose.

A Simple Hack to Winning Effectively

If you discover you’re not winning enough to reach the maximum payout amounts, delete the app and install it again, then continue playing; this resets the game program depending on whether you linked your Play games or Game center account. Before playing for the first time, never link your Play Games or Game Center account to the Plinko game because it saves your game progress and can stop you from winning.


You might need to uninstall and reinstall the app several times to increase your chances of winning, delete and reinstall the app as often as possible, and you will win cash.




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