Playster Free Tablet and Headphones? Full Streaming Service Review

Wondering what the deal is with the Playster free tablet and headphones?

Playster is essentially a subscription-based streaming platform that offers a wide variety of movies, music, games, books and audio books. To use the service, you will need a good Internet connection, although there is a possibility to download some of the content and enjoy it offline. The service can be accessed through any Web browser or through the Playster application for iOS and Android mobile devices.

How Much Does Playster Cost?

At the moment, the company offers a bundled package with unlimited access to movies, music, games, books and audio books for just $24.95 per month. Each service can also be bought separately, starting as low as $3.95 monthly. What’s more, there’s a 30-day free trial available, so you can decide whether you truly like the platform.

For yearly subscribers in the United States, Canada and Europe, Playster offers a free Combo Box, which includes an Android tablet and headphones. All you have to do is pay the shipping cost of $9.95.

The service allows multiple logins, which means that your entire family can enjoy it without paying extra. You can also upgrade to a family plan for just $13.95 a month.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you will be able to cancel the subscription at any time. You can cancel your membership online or by giving customer service a call.


The company provides you the opportunity to register through Facebook, Google Plus or the old-fashioned way with an email address and password. Registering with the help of social media is great, mainly because it’s super fast and ensure you won’t need to remember yet another extra password.

Working Devices

Playster is compatible with every Android and iOS device, as well as with every Windows and Mac computer. We tested the streaming service with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet, Note 2 phone, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Macbook Air 2014 and a Dell computer with Windows 7 and it worked seamlessly on each device.


Playster offers a wide variety of books, audio books, comics, games, movies, TV shows and music. You can browse their entire catalog online now and see the millions of titles they offer before signing up.


Playster members can enjoy a wide variety of content at an affordable price. For people who are always on the move, Playster provides the opportunity to download books and music and enjoy them offline. Recently, the application was revamped and now offers an improved search feature, professionally curated playlists and mood-based sorting. You can start your free 30-day trial today by downloading the app from the App store or Google Play store.




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