Periodic Table for Science Geeks

I never thought learning could be this much fun. This must-have Periodic Table for Science Geeks is for all those science enthusiasts, students and teachers interested in learning more about the world and the universe. It is not just a chemistry class Periodic Table but it integrates the sciences of physics, astronomy, geology, anthropology, psychology and biology with chemistry and mathematics in a way that makes learning fun. It methodically takes each element on the periodic table and associates its element symbol to scientific stuff, inventions, concepts, theories and explorations.

The depth of topics range from CERN, chaos theory and Voyager 1 to moon rocks and Rubik’s Cube! This informative wall art will keep you engaged for hours as you dive deeper into the scientific universe.

Developed by renown science journalist, producer, and illustrator Sarah Kennedy, this laminated poster measures 26″ W X 38″ L and will cost you only US$ 28.95.




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