Online Gaming 101: 7 Ways to Minimize and Fix Gaming Lag

Lag, or latency, is the bane of every online gamer’s existence. It’s that annoying delay between your actions and what happens on screen. Even worse, lag can cause a game to run slowly or even crash entirely. But don’t worry—you can do a few things to minimize and fix gaming lag. Let’s dive into these tips to make sure you have a smooth gaming experience any time!

1. Close Unnecessary Programs

The more applications and programs you run at once, the more resources your computer has to divide them. That includes gaming performance, which means that if there are too many open programs, your game may slow down or lag as it tries to keep up with everything else in your computer’s background.

So before you jump into any game session, double-check that you’ve closed any unnecessary programs or applications—including streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

2. Update Your Drivers

Sometimes, your internet is not the problem. Before you blame your internet provider, whether HughesNet or Spectrum, you should look at your drivers. Outdated drivers can make your gaming experience feel sluggish and unresponsive—especially for graphics-heavy games like Fortnite or Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

To ensure that your drivers are up-to-date and optimized for gaming performance, make sure to regularly check for updates using either the manufacturer’s website or an app like Driver Easy or similar software, which automates the process for you!

3. Limit Other Network Connections

Having multiple devices connected to the same network can create unnecessary lag due to bandwidth competition and other types of interference (this includes Bluetooth connections). Before starting any game session, take a few minutes to disconnect any unnecessary devices from the network—or better yet, invest in a separate router just for gaming purposes so all those pesky devices won’t get in the way!

4. Check Your Internet Connection

It goes without saying that a fast internet connection is essential for smooth gaming experiences. It’s also important to perform speed tests every now and then. You can use the results as a baseline when deciding whether to upgrade your subscription plan with your ISP or switch to a better provider, like Dish Network Internet.

5. Try Lowering Graphics Settings

If all else fails and you still find yourself dealing with laggy gameplay, then it might be time to lower some of those graphics settings to reduce strain on your system and improve performance overall! While this isn’t ideal since it means compromising visual quality, it’s usually better than having an unplayable experience where nothing looks good anyway due to constant stuttering and lagging issues!

6. Get New Equipment

Maybe none of these tips work because you don’t have enough processing power under the hood. In this case, investing in a new PC or console may be necessary if you want consistent, smooth gameplay across different titles without experiencing any latency whatsoever.

If choosing this route, make sure to find something within budget but also powerful enough based on recommended hardware specs per each specific title – no sense buying something overkill if only playing one type of game, right?

7. Scan your device for viruses

Lag can also be caused by viruses or other malicious programs running in the background. So if all else has failed, it may be time to scan your device for any hidden viruses that may be causing lag and crashing issues. It would also help to have trusted anti-virus software to protect you from cyber threats.


No one likes dealing with laggy gameplay—it can ruin an enjoyable online gaming experience! But luckily, there are lots of steps we can take as gamers to minimize and fix gaming lag no matter what platform we’re playing on (PC/console).

From closing unnecessary programs before jumping into a game session all the way up to investing in new hardware, we can always do something to make sure our games run smoothly again! So next time you encounter some latency issue, remember these seven tips here today – they’ll definitely come in handy sooner rather than later.




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