Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo has been dominating the gaming community in the past decade, and even further. The Game Boy system took the world by storm and they have been on an uphill incline ever since. Then, it went to the Nintendo DS, to the Wii, and many others. Now, with their latest addition to their consoles, almost all children and adults from around the globe own this system in their homes.

The Nintendo Switch is the latest edition to the Nintendo franchise. Not only is it portable, which allows you to easily play on the go, but you can also play it on a television. This device is great to play with friends and at parties. Also, if any parents are looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your child, this is definitely it. It is priced at $299 at every store that electronics are sold.

You can get a colorful Switch that comes with a red and blue (Joy-Cons), or just a plain gray ones. This console comes with many different accessories to help enhance gameplay. It offers bigger controllers to help defeat enemies better. Nintendo also has Joy-Con Wheels for better gameplay with racing games, such as the popular title Mario Kart. They also offer battery packs and straps for the Joy-Cons, as well.

Games for the Nintendo Switch are still continuing to be released. A lot of popular titles such as Super Smash Bros, are dominating the gaming charts. There has even been tournaments made around this game. These games are great for all ages, not just children. It can especially bring a nostalgic feeling to younger adults who grew up off of playing Nintendo games. It also helps that products and games made by Nintendo are not as expensive as some of their competitors such as Electronic Arts or Sony.




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