Metronaps Energy Pod – Naps At Work!

Meetings and real-time tasks characterize the modern working environment. From long working shifts to extended schedules, you are likely to fall to fatigue and reduce your output. Fatigue is a common occurrence and hence the need for relaxing and refreshing moments. With most employees fearing for their positions, you are likely to find them taking great naps only when they are sure of the bosses’ absence. In fact, some are likely to excuse themselves into the private rooms and toilets where they snooze without fear. This is liable to change thanks to the introduction of the Energy Pods.

While some companies have some break rooms where workers can take naps, traditional sofas are nowhere near the energy pods. The power pods come with the increased comfort that ensures the nap impacts on the rest of the day. The privacy that comes with the device gives you the relief required to catch the nap. If you think 20 minutes of a nap is too much for your workers, think of six hours of inefficiency, and if that makes sense, you will not think twice about the device.


Working with a drained team lowers the morale and is likely to work within the limits of their mandate. On the contrary, working with a motivated team goes a long way towards exceeding the objectives. Also, happy workers are likely to stick with the organization lowering the need to keep hiring that increases not only the running costs but also affects the overall productivity. The investments may seem expensive but could be the runaround for your business.


The device is programmed to sooth you to sleep through soft music, vibrations and lights. It comes with a one touch 2o minute’s naps with the possibility to increase the length of the rest. It is the ultimate solution for your lunch break naps and hence a productive afternoon. In case you have queries about the prices and delivery, contact the dealer.




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