Look Like a Millionaire with the Money Stacks Backpack

Money-Stacks-BackpackA couple of days ago we showed you the loaded cash wallet, that wallet made you look like a man with some money (a few hundred dollars, at best).  Today we try to make you look like a millionaire with the awesome Money Stacks Backpack.

This novelty backpack does everything a regular backpack can do but does it in millionaire-drug-dealer style.  The exterior design features stacks of hundred dollar bills, from what I can see, I think there is over one million dollars worth of “bills”.

The product page describes this backpack “it looks real to be real”, we still suggest caution taking this backpack with you when you’re visiting shady parts of town or at night.  During the day time, however, you should be able to get a lot of laughs out of people and even get some weird looks, perfect for those that want the extra attention (good or bad).  The Money Stacks Backpack is priced at a fraction of the cost of the bills on the backpack at $50.





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