Langogo – Your Pocket Translator and Tour Guide

A lot of us would love to travel to foreign countries and experience the richness of other cultures but language barriers often hold us back. Hiring a tour guide and translator can be costly and it is difficult and time consuming to talk through a person. The Langogo translator breaks these barriers that stand in the way of world travel. The Langogo is a pocket translator that can translate 70 languages and can translate in less than 1 second. Using the Langogo translator is like you already know the language and can have a conversation with anyone in real-time.

Langogo Translator 2

This little device also has integrated voice AI assistant, that will give you trip information, the weather, the currency exchange rate and more. Similar to Alexa, Euri can answer all of your questions on the Langogo and give you tips. The AI also learns how to speak the language at your destination, making sure you the translation is accurate and sounds natural. The Langogo has a smart built-in Microphone Array and Noise-canceling chip to cleverly translate the voice of who is talking, even on a busy street. The Langogo also has a mobile hotspot that can be used in over 72 countries and you can connect up to  6 devices to the WiFi hotspot. With the integrated e-SIM technology, no physical SIM is needed and once switched on, you will automatically be connected to the best networks.

With the Langogo, you can become the world traveler that you always wanted to become, and might even pick up a few phrases through the translator. The Langogo comes in 4 different colors and costs $299.




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