inReach: Send & Receive Texts Beyond Cellphone Range

If you frequently find yourself in situations where you are unable to pick up a cell phone signal, you might consider investing in inReach from DeLorme. This product is ideal for back country skiers, hikers or mountain climbers who often find themselves in areas where there are a few or no cell towers.

Unlike a two-way radio, this device actually transmits signals back and forth to a satellite, rather than talking to another radio. It comes equipped with a built in SOS button.  Just hit this button, and a text message will be sent to several predetermined cell phone numbers, should you find yourself in danger. GPS coordinates of the exact location from where the message was sent will be indicated with the SOS text, so your team members or the search and rescue team will be able to locate you as soon as possible. If you are carrying an Android phone, you will be able to send and receive text messages, without needing a cell tower.

The cost of the device is $250; and there is a $10 monthly charge for service.





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