How Video Games Better Society

Video games have a lot of influence in modern society. And as the number of people playing them continues to rise, they are poised to contribute even more heavily in the future. From improving learning ability to enhancing things like social skills and vision, video games are a surprisingly important part of daily life worldwide.

There is something for everyone

Despite video games experiencing decades of demonization, recent research suggests they have become a unifying force. People play games to interact with others, relax, and feel better about the sometimes-chaotic “real world.” Today, more than 215 million Americans play video games. This equals about two-thirds of the population! According to the study, every age group plays something, and some games suit almost every interest.

How do these games affect education, technology, and commercial spheres? This article explores video games’ influence on the people who play them.

Educational impact

While anything can be detrimental in large doses, video games have been shown to increase cognitive ability and help students excel in school. This idea is not new, either, with video games being included in classrooms as far back as 1971 with “The Oregon Trail.” Video games in today’s classrooms promote STEM learning, increase creativity, boost engagement, and turn otherwise complex knowledge into a fun experience.

Another surprising way video games can positively impact learning is through better vision. The games can contribute to vision health if they are consumed in moderation. Students who see better learn better.

Commercial impact

Video games affect your mental well-being, creativity, and social skills, which can positively impact the commercial industry. Marketers, for example, as well as front-line workers, may well benefit from all of these skills. Employees with a good grasp of social interaction can more easily engage with customers and help turn a potentially negative experience into a memorable one.

Marketing professionals with an enhanced understanding of communication and heightened creativity skills are likelier to create relatable and effective outreach, including advertisements and even small mobile games designed to increase customer conversion.

Technological impact

Aside from increasing creativity and social skills, video games have had an undeniable impact on technology. As video games became more pervasive, the desire to create the most appealing title on the market drove technological advances in computing. From handheld devices to PCs and consoles, video games have elicited a strong response from the technology industry.

Gaming has even impacted smartphone evolution, with the rising number of people playing primarily on their phones, leading to better graphics and more robust computing components. From online real money slots to games like Candy Crush, the appeal of portable gaming has increased over the past decade.

Are you a gamer? Good! Video games are an important tool to improve society and improve people’s quality of life around the globe. Keep the information above in mind, and go change the world!




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