Geek Overload – Land Rover Defender Assembly Line

The geek within us is always curious about how cars are built. We know the majority of the vehicles these days are put together on an assembly line but not all are as fancy as you’d think. The legendary Land Rover Defender is unfortunately on its way out and this is the final year of production for one of the manliest vehicles every built. The Defender hasn’t been available in North America since 1997 but if you visit a UK or Australian Land Rover dealership, that won’t be an issue. I guess it’s a good thing I’m moving to Melbourne in a year or so.

The Defender first made its debut in 1983, the year of my birth, and it was known as the Ninety, One Ten, 127, and 130 depending on the length of the chassis. The design has changed somewhat over the years but it stays true to its roots over all not only in design but also the way it is built. Enjoy the video below and have a glimpse into what goes on inside the assembly facility at the Land Rover Defender plant in Solihull, UK.

Land Rover Defender Assembly Line


This facility is also home to other popular vehicles such as the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery, and the all-new Jaguar XE.

It’s sad to see such a beautiful piece of machinery be put out of commission but at least Land Rover is still making progress in designing and updating its other range of SUV vehicles.




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