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Rules of Responsible Gun Ownership

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The first priority for any gun owner should always be safety. There are many valid reasons for owning a firearm, but no matter why you may keep one (or several) in your home, it’s crucial to remember that a gun is a weapon and must be handled responsibly.

Most gun owners know the basic rules of gun usage and ownership: always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, check your surroundings, etc. However, responsible gun ownership is about taking preventative measures to ensure that dangerous situations never arise. Here are four rules of responsible ownership that all gun owners should follow.

1. Keep Guns Locked Up Between Uses

As obvious as this may seem, countless gun owners store their weapons in a nightstand, under the bed, or in a closet, not realizing how easily accessible it may be to burglars or children. This is why it’s key to keep your gun under lock between uses by storing it in a safe or locked gun cabinet.

2. Always Keep Guns Unloaded Until Ready to Fire

One of the gun safety rules that is often overlooked is to always keep your guns unloaded until preparing them to be fired. Even if you keep your weapons locked up, leaving them loaded means you risk forgetting that they’re loaded, and risk accidental discharge of the weapon. Even on the way to the hunting ground or gun range, never load your weapon until you’re ready to fire; however unlikely it may be, guns will occasionally fire accidentally, but that can only happen if they’re loaded.

3. Use Proper Ammunition

In order to keep your weapons firing smoothly and safely, make sure you’re using ammunition that is both compatible with your weapon and in good condition. Using proper ammo isn’t just about firing the recommended ammunition type for your weapon; you should also avoid using scratched or dented rounds or very old ammunition. Find a reliable ammo retailer near you that carries the optimal rounds for your weapon, be it 7.62×39 ammo, shotgun shells or 9mm handgun ammo for sale, and replace old ammo periodically to ensure all rounds are in good condition.

4. Clean Your Gun Regularly

Not only will properly cleaning your firearms extend their lifespan, but it is also crucial to proper gun safety. Moisture, dirt or oil can build up and prevent the gun from operating properly, which can create a serious safety hazard, so regular cleaning is a must. Always clean the barrel and apply gun oil or other lubricant, and keep the weapon unloaded when cleaning.

Responsible gun ownership is about remembering that any loaded gun is a potentially dangerous weapon. However, by keeping your firearms stored securely and keeping them in good working condition, they don’t have to present a safety hazard.

By following these four simple rules, you’ll ensure that accidents never occur. Always remember these four key rules of responsible gun ownership and owning a gun can be as safe as possible.

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