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8 Things You Will Relate to If You Are A Coffee Geek

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Do you love coffee more than people? If the answer is yes, you might just be a coffee geek. Dating back to the 15th century, coffee has not only extremely stimulating effect, it also has a number of health benefits. There are tons of different varieties, roasts, origins and making processes of coffee which makes coffee from different places so unique. Popular across practically the entire world, there are so many cultures and rituals that surround this drink. 

Coffee lovers of the world are a vibrant community by themselves. Not only do they swear by this beverage, they take their love for it to the next level with their research and knowledge as well. The culture of coffee is extremely relevant across the globe and it is kept alive with a burning passion by the coffee geeks of the world. So, pick up that cuppa, sit back, relax and see how many points on this list apply to you.

  1. You know your coffee. While people just drink coffee, you know your way around the bean, its origin, history, kind and so much more and you do not shy away from talking about it.
  2. You are the barista of the group. However much your friends and family make fun of your obsession with coffee, you are the designated barista of the group every time and more often than not, you absolutely love it.
  3. You have a personal relation with your local coffee shop and the baristas out there know the elaborate details of your coffee order.
  4. On multiple occasions you have ended up staying awake and/or giving yourself indigestion because you ended up having too much of the new blend you just fell in love with.
  5. At some point of life you have considered opening a cafe. You figured that with the amount of money you already spend on your caffeine kick, you might as well make some money out of it. But again, you fear that you might end up drinking more cups of coffee than selling, from your own coffee shop!
  6. You own some tech for whipping up coffee. You have realised that there are not enough cafes for your caffeine love and fix so now you try to get your fix of different kinds of exotic coffee at home and thus, you have become a coffee wiz.
  7. People will never get your passion for good coffee and that can be so frustrating. Explaining the thrill of Fairtrade & Bio pods for Nespresso is practically impossible and you have practically given up by now.
  8. Finding someone who shares your love for coffee is pure bliss. You could go on and on and on with that person for ages over this delectable nectar and that basically sends shivers down your spine. Accept it or not, you have actually considered dating someone based on their love for coffee.

If you check at least four or more of the points on this list, you are a bona fide coffee geek and you are totally not ashamed of proclaiming your love for this wonder beverage. At the end of the day, you know that people will come, and people will go but coffee is forever!

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