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3 Amazing Careers That Are Ideal For Humanitarians

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A humanitarian is somebody that wants to spend their life helping others. There are so many people around the globe that are worse off than you are and a lot of people want to do something about it. While some people might put salary and benefits first when they’re deciding on a career, a humanitarian will always prioritize the chance to help others that are in a bad situation. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. There are so many different career paths that you can consider and an infinite number of ways that you can improve the lives of others through your work. Just remember that some of these careers don’t pay brilliantly and there is a lot of emotional strain involved with this type of work so some people just aren’t cut out for it. But if you think you are, there are some great careers that you could consider.

If you want to work as a humanitarian of some kind, you’ll need some experience helping others. The best way to get that experience is by volunteering. You could head down to a local homeless shelter and help serve food or you could visit a care home and see whether they need volunteers to spend time with the elderly residents and keep them company. There are also some great volunteer programs abroad in less developed countries where you can help build infrastructure like schools and roads that improve the lives of the people living there. Whatever you decide to do, it’s always a good idea to volunteer for a while to see if you’re really willing to dedicate your lives to others and take on all of the responsibilities and emotional stress that comes along with it. If you’re still sure about your decision, you should consider some of these great humanitarian careers.

Foreign Aid Workers

Foreign aid workers are on hand to travel wherever there are people in need of help. That might be because of drought or famine or it could be because there is a war and people are being displaced from their homes. It’s a great career to get into because, as well as being able to help those in need, you get the opportunity to see some amazing parts of the world that you might not have been to otherwise. However, it’s a tough job and you’ll be exposed to some incredibly distressing situations. Not everybody is prepared to deal with being in the middle of a war zone and witnessing all of the death and destruction that comes with it so before you need to think long and hard about it before you make a decision. If you’re going to be a foreign aid worker, you’ll need a lot of different skills. Developing leadership skills is very important because you may have to direct rescue efforts and manage large numbers of people in refugee camps etc. Compassion is another important skill because you’ll be dealing with vulnerable people from different cultures and you need to be able to communicate with them effectively.

As well as those skills, you’ll need some formal education if you want to be a foreign aid worker. Most agencies look for people that have a degree in international relations because understanding the cause of these situations is very important. Knowing at least one foreign language is also a must, otherwise, communication is impossible. Ideally, you should be fluent in at least a couple of different languages if you want to apply for work as a foreign aid worker.

Natural Disaster Management

Natural disasters can strike at any time but in more developed countries, there are warning systems that give people enough time to prepare and get away to safety. But in some countries, those systems aren’t there and the effects can be devastating. Just recently Java and Sumatra were hit by a huge tsunami that killed hundreds of people. That’s why you need humanitarian workers on hand to help deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster and help rebuild the country afterwards. They can also help with putting systems in place to warn about natural disasters and protect against some of the effects. You’ll be saving a lot of lives if you work in this area.

Natural disasters are very complex and dealing with the fallout from them takes a lot of hard work and coordination so you’ll need specific training before you can get a job in this field. You can take emergency management degrees online which teach you a lot about handling a crisis generally, as well as some specifics about dealing with natural disasters. Once you’re qualified, you should approach charities and humanitarian groups to look for positions.

Security Officer

A lot of recent humanitarian issues have been caused by warfare, especially in the Middle East region. The citizens of these countries are in danger of being attacked by a number of different military groups and, often, they have no protection. That’s where the role of a security officer comes in. They’ll be deployed to a country that is in the middle of a military crisis to offer support and protection to the citizens. It’s also up to the security officers to develop a strategy for evacuation should anything serious happen, and help with transporting of supplies around the country so they are not stolen. Before leaving a country, the security officers will set up systems for training security forces in the country and establishing infrastructure so the citizens can continue to live in safety after they’re gone.

You need to think carefully about whether this is the right career path for you because, obviously, there are a lot of dangers involved. Often, people become security officers after serving in the normal military for a while so if you’re serious about it, you may have to consider enlisting first.

Humanitarian workers are making the planet a better place on a daily basis and helping those in need around the globe. If you want to be a part of it, you should consider some of these career paths.

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