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Ways For Geeks to Boost Their Confidence

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A common cliché when it comes to gamers is that they have abysmal social lives. When portrayed in the media, these gamers often live in their parents’ basements, rarely go outside, and come off as extremely awkward when talking to the opposite sex.

Playing the Stereotype

While there is some truth to this, it does not have to be that way. But first, let us give gaming credit where it is due. Yes, playing video games can be a ton of fun. It can be a great way to escape the troubles of daily life. It can be a great way to flex your imagination and storytelling abilities. Staying in the gaming world however can lead to many problems, spanning from social, mental, to even physical issues.

Making indoor gaming a regular thing prevents you from moving your legs and overeating. This leads to obesity, as well as further health problems, including social anxiety or even depression. All in all, you have to move – get out there and live – and create a balance between play and ‘outside time’.

Taking the First Step

Those who stay indoors may often be unwilling to go outside and interact with other people. This is completely understandable, and all it takes is a few small steps forward. Try going out a few minutes daily, then move it up to half an hour, and so on. Slowly introducing yourself back to society can be a breath of fresh air, one you may sorely need.

With a little bit of confidence, you too can have a healthy social life. Start small; meeting a few people in areas you frequent. Having a shared common interest can go a long way, so you have to know yourself first before going out into the world. What are you hobbies? What interests you? Going to the pound to help take care of animals, or to the library for some book discussions can help get you started.

Striking Confidence

Some people may find it intimidating or nerve-racking to talk to the opposite sex. Part of it comes from not knowing what to say or do, while others put the blame on confidence altogether. Confidence is something you can build slowly, as long as you work on it.

Those that may be a bit insecure in the bedroom may also do a few things to increase confidence. Using vibrators, penis-pumping cylinders, and other sex toys in bed can greatly improve your morale. Outside the bedroom, you can also improve your image for a great first impression. Having decent looking clothes can also help that first meeting and having something to say can keep it going even further. You have to be interesting if you want someone to stick around. You have to look interested as well, as nobody wants to hang out with someone who clearly does not reciprocate.

Confidence is all in the mind, but it can provide you with lots of benefits throughout your life. Just start small, and keep building towards your goal. You can do it!

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